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9 Replies to “40 plus arrests at the Telford Demo today”

  1. Remember Tommy Robinson and the shahahahahahahahahahahahahahada flag incident? The police in the UK, when it comes to everything mahoundians, UAF and “youths” do, are ordered to stand down and get out of the way; when it comes to anyone opposing islamization, I suppose their orders must be to do whatever they can to stop them.

  2. really it’s the great reallity, if the riots are made by muslims and blacks the police just give to them all the freedom, they just avoid the contacts, and we have a lote of videos of this behaviour in last black riots,…but if the white people wants to do a pacific demo que police do and act as a civil war,…..the police are racist, facist and xenofobia….

  3. The politicians who run the police are making a real big mistake, they are policing the peaceful people but are letting the criminals run wild, this is turning the voters against them.

  4. How did Telford arrests suddenly jump from 5 to 40?…….From Casuals United blog

    “After the majority of EDL supporters had left, the local “youths” did what they always do, ran around looking for stragglers. Small groups that they can attack. They found a minibus of EDL in Morrisons (shop carpark) which had women and kids on board and they attacked it. Here`s some pics of them being arrested (see below link). Some EDL from the bus were arrested for defending themselves, but the majority of those arrested were Muslims and UAF freaks. The paper is happy for you to think it was all EDL that were arrested though obviously.

  5. The cop said the Muslims suffered some angst and anxiety about the demo of the EDL.
    Do the police ever reassure the non-Muslims who worry about Muslim demonstrations? Inquiring minds want to know.

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