Preparing a post on the riots

There is the totalitarian, truth scrubbing, politically correct rewriting of history taking place as usual in the UK. Something which is far far worse than any riot of course. A riot can be dealt with and prevented. But stopping people from getting real information that might allow them to make good decisions for themselves and for their community and nation, that is collective suicide both real and metaphorical. As I wait for the materials to be ready, here is a light short vid that makes a related point.

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  1. May I nudge your post. Do you consider racial tension to be a good thing as it is a stage below the level at which the jihad/leftie alliance pitch their ideological angle. It is pure tribal criminality and racial wrong doing. Something that the religion of peace and multicultural harmony angle will not be addressing as the violence just wrecks everything. A starting point of a new discourse away from the usual rhetoric about islamophobia and the right wing rising and we need to watch out etc. This tribalism just trashes all that ideological rhetoric and puts things on a more basic foundation. A foundation that allows us for a change to break free of that particular pc ideological framework imposed on society by the leftie/muzzzie alliance.

  2. I think this situation can literally be described as a ‘Whiteout’ operation. The Mainstream Media’s goal is to always toe the Politically Correct line, despite the obvious facts on the ground.

    It is the MSM’s job to neutralize the obvious acid of reality with their base of make-believe to prevent the population from waking up to what is being done in their name – namely, the mass debasement of their economic system and society by uncontrolled immigration.

    Despite their massive coverup and whitewashing operations, the people are slowly but surely waking up to the nasty reality foisted upon them by their ‘leaders’ read: betrayers.

    As Gerald Celente said in one of his excellent trends forecasts, it will soon be ‘Off With Their Heads 2.0″. I agree.

  3. Good video.

    BTW, I just finished Ann Coulter’s new book “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America,” and it is so on target about mob psychology.

    Here’s a vid where Coulter explains Britain’s breakdown in terms of liberal mobs.

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