My thoughts on the English riots

I wrote a comment to a reader about the taxonomy of these riots. Something the press has been avoiding discussing and for bad reasons. I felt it may be worth posting my reply as a post here, edited slightly, so it is a stand-alone.

A proper taxonomic study really needs to be done. For example, the papers and media in general are being extremely careful not to mention that blacks are disproportionately behind much or all of the violence in the current British riots. This of course leads to massively more anxiety about black people for obvious reasons. One knows who does the violence but also knows you aren’t even allowed to say the evidence of your own senses, which makes black people appear not only dangerous but to be a protected class.

I think it would be of value to deal with a deeper truth. Is it all blacks? Or are Jamaicans over represented while say, Barbadians under represented. Are there lots of Somalis looting and attacking while nearly no Ethiopians are? While race does play a role in behaviour, and anyone who accepts evolution as true simply cannot avoid this fact, culture plays a larger one, even if race and culture are a sort of cart and horse.

So it would be wise for British popular media like the BBC to maybe have the guts to reflect reality instead of trying to forge one with a palette of rainbow coloured lies. Really, who are the violent and law breaking rioters and who are not? It may be less a race thing that it appears.

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  1. I doubt I have the means to prove it, but it always worried me whenever a crime by a Muslim happened the media would say it was an “African immigrant” as if the root of the problem laid in the fact that the person was African, or Black.

    It was safer to slander the Africans and the Blacks than to single out the Muslims. I feared this and I feared people would retaliate against Blacks, I also feared Blacks themselves would feel they were targets, or the Blacks would read these articles and not think Muslims, but rather feel sympathetic to the Black person being accused by the “merciless” whites as they probably saw it in their minds. I don’t know how it all played out in the wide world out there, but its interesting to me that Blacks all over are up in arms.

    But I doubt anyone will make this connection. And now it all happened just as I feared. You can even check my comments, this is what I usually fret about. And I know there are much more factors involved than this,but it was a total shoo in based on how the media was handling things.

    Its very hard cry foul play against the media, cuz you’d need the media to have your voice heard…

    Anyway, whatever I may not be in the right blog here. haha. for all I know, I could be in a den of racists-waiting-to-happen!! But I said my peace.

  2. Here is my comment, left on another article……race is irrelevant
    Further, all the riots we see in England are just the tip of the iceberg, riots are a result of the deterioration of the infrastructure by over immigration of peoples who do not support the status quo of the main stream culture, creating ghettos and all that ghettos manifest.
    These areas contain originals as well as many from other racial origins, and the actual race is not a relevant factor, but rather, the socio-economic aspect of the marginalized.
    There will only be more of this in all developed countries who continue to import by the tens of thousands, refugees, immigrants who do not integrate, and further, who inevitably end up at the bottom of the social ladder, either on state tax payer welfare, or earning just enough to survive and the frustration of this disenfranchised level of society is eventually going to erupt in social disorder, which is precisely what we are seeing in England.
    These marginalized large groups do not need much of a catalyst to ignite. Sadly, every so called political and religious and philosophical person, as well as every media person, journalist will have their take on what is going on from single parent families, to race to just trying to blame the hooligan mentality and this will be cured by stonger water cannons, and jail time consequences.
    Culture and over immigration will never be mentioned.
    Meanwhile, Canada continues to follow in this direction with huge masses of people coming in each year and joining the marginalized bottom class on the social scale. They are the survival level citizens, controlled by water cannon if need be. The Edmonton somolis are just a foreshadowing of this sad situation which will eventually blow up in our faces as it is in the face of the Britianers today.

    Enoch Powell’s words reverberate.

    Harper drums up economic business in Brazil, instead of encouraging massive christian emigration programs to Canada so that we have more immigrants who share at least some of the values inherent in this Country.

    But our system is broken, and there are no jobs for the majority of those coming to this country and precisely why they end up at the bottom of the social order, marginalized, and creating foul disorder, unrest, crime, and a breakdown of infrastructure.

    Those who do make it to the middle class and higher, bring with them the influence of cultures that are so opposed to our norms and values, that they change our very basic values from within, and reorganize if not deteriorate our infrastructure on business and educational levels.

    For those who want to see, it is right in front of your noses, the lowering of standards in every aspect of life, from not washing hands before preparing food, to the shoddy workmanship in all civic areas such as road repair, or the construction industry, lowered standards in medicine and schools, service industries, cheating and lying becoming accepted in a culture where once a handshake was enough to make and keep a deal between honest individuals, crime becoming accepted, and the left under the values of ‘christian’ good, creating a culture in which anything but the truth is the norm.
    The silent majority will continue to sip lattes
    Eager to read the new great authors, Steyn and Geller, but chapters still doesn’t have their books on sale???

  3. I live in central London. The rioters are mostly blacks – you could graph a neat correlation of suburbs with black populations to suburbs with rioting. But there are also a lot of whites – the type that embrace black culture and wish they were black.
    Sad I know, but don’t judge them too harshly. They are raised in a pathetic system which twists English history into something you wouldn’t want to be associated with if you didn’t know better.

  4. Miriam:

    My thoughts for years now have been similar to yours except in Europe, whenever Muslims commit an anti-social act motivated by Islam etc. the media has reported it as ‘Asians’ as if somehow their being from Asia (to a North American, this would mean Chinese, Japanese Korean Etc.) had something to do with it, and I have always felt that the Chinese community along with Vietnamese and Japanese should sue the BBC and other Euro-media to force them to stop using the term ‘Asian’, which genuinely is racist, so they could avoid using the term, ‘Muslim’ which is not.
    It is an horrific irony that the BBC and large Euro-media foster real racism to appear to avoid racism when dealing with the non-race of Islam. Culture, religion really does play a determining role in how people behave. Far more than does race.

  5. I agree, it is the culture. Kids growing up in ghetto’s, drug abuse, violence & gangs etc. It doesn’t have to do with skin color, more important is the culture you embrace. That is far more important.

  6. I think teasing out the race issue on this one is a unusual for the media, especially the way Eeyore is suggesting. So I doubt if we will get too much on that score from the media. Eeyore has made a good start. The taxonomy issue is something that is interesting. I live in the UK and so I can identify the fact that from their accents a lot of the gang members who have been interviewed on TV do have Jamaican roots. They are the oldest black community in the UK. I do know that the Jamaicans do not get on well with the Somali community and so it is unlikely that the Somalis will be too involved when the Jamaicans lead the looting. There has certainly been friction in the past between the two communities and even a tv prog has been made on this issue by Darcus Howe, a prominent Jamaican TV producer for all the big media outlets in the UK. Darcus Howe is a pretty decent fair minded guy and tried to look and listen to both sides when he made that programme and even attempted some reconciliation work! I think the Jamaican gangs may also be joined by separate West African gangs as some gangs do have Africa in their name and the gang members have obviously African names. So it does look as if the Somalis may be largely absent from this. I say this also due to the Islamic element in the Somali makeup which makes them ambivalent about being African. The love for their Arab masters is always close to their hearts. This love for their brown Arab masters may instead make them get involved in the fantasies of the local mosque Jihad culture. There certainly are Somali gangs who are involved in the drugs trade but whether they are involved in this is still debatable. I have not seen as of yet any blacks with their Arab master names cropping up in the reports. They are probably there but not enough to make a dent in the UK media reporting. But then the media does like to cloud these issue in any case. To conclude, The Jamaicans, followed by the African and then by the Somalis . This is just how I see it. Also do not forget that some gangs are multi-racial, and include Asians, Whites and Blacks. From the looks of it broadly speaking the gangs are black and white, but we know that already. On a final note three brown Muslim guys were killed in the violence recently in Birmingham. A racial threshold moment in the riots.
    The Sun (10 August) newspaper reports:
    A lDistraught Tariq Jahan told how he tried to revive son Haroon after he was mowed down while guarding shops from looters. Tariq spoke as the two other victims were named as brothers Shazhad Ali, 30, and Abdul Musavir, 31.

  7. Over half the black men in Hackney, on of the areas affected, grow up without a father and perform poorly in school. They have poor prospects. The gang culture of selling drugs is an option for them to take.

  8. Also how does this all relate to the Brown Man’s Jihad. I have mentioned the killings of muslims but on a wider note I wonder if this has an effect on the psychology of the muslims as they are in this case not the aggressor and are in fact the victims. We know they love the victim card and will of course play this out in the usual Islam is peace mantra way. But on a broader note I wonder if it does affect them and make them realise that the world is more complex than their leftie friends in the media and government and the Mullahs are making out. What if their plans are stopped by hooded youths on their door step. But of course this will all die down and the Muslims will retake their central role as guided by their leftie pals and mullahs. For the Brown Muzzies this has certainly been a case of destiny denied by black and white rioters of the past few days. Even the Syrians. Palestinians and all the other usual darlings have not had a look in during the last few days.

  9. Culture is a the major cause of the rioting, people will blame the world economic problems for the riots but it is the culture of dependence that the left has fostered that is the cause. As the “protests” get larger and turn into riots more often we will hear the call to tax the rich more so increase the welfare payments to keep the rioters off the streets. This won’t work, you can tax the rich to the point the have nothing and still not have enough to pay the entitlement programs that the socialists have created.

    Welcome to the world the left has created for us.

  10. I agree with you Eyeore, the media is pussy footing around with the usual touchy information. I am of the opinion that the core of the problem is rooted in the welcoming country handing out social services to new immigrants like they have reached Nirvana. From day one they don’t have to lift a finger to look after their welfare and that of their family. That gives them all the free time they need to find ways to fight our cultural ancestry and destroy our way of life. We are our worst enemy.

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