Muslim woman kept African slave in her 3.1M$ home in West Vancouver


WEST VANCOUVER — A West Vancouver woman has been charged with human trafficking in connection with a case in which a young woman was allegedly brought over from Africa and forced to work in demeaning and slave-like conditions in a lavish West Vancouver home.

Mumtaz Ladha, 55, is wanted on a warrant for hiring the 21-year-old African woman, police said Monday afternoon.

Police said Ladha allegedly promised the victim a work visa and a job at a Vancouver-area hair salon, but instead forced her to work 18 hours a day, seven days a week, in her home.

“This was work well beyond what you would expect reasonable working conditions to be in Canada,” said Const. Michael McLaughlin, a federal spokesman for the RCMP’s E Division. “Things like hand-washing underwear of all the people in the house, hand-washing cars, hand-washing the cars of guests who came over.

“She wasn’t given enough food. In some cases, she was forced to eat whatever was left over from a meal — table scraps, in other words. She had no money, her identity documents weren’t with her, and it’s our information that she was often only allowed to sleep when the other people in the home were all sleeping.”

The young woman was brought over during the summer of 2008 and lived in a “state of fear” for about one year at Ladha’s home, McLaughlin said.

In June 2009, she learned the conditions she was living under were not acceptable and sought help at a women’s shelter.

“I can’t talk about the exact circumstances, but ultimately, she finally understood through having a conversation with somebody that the conditions she was living under were not acceptable,” McLaughlin said.

“She had so little idea, you would be shocked. She was very depressed, she was very upset, she thought she was stuck, she thought there would be no way out of this situation.”

The victim is now at a safe place in B.C., but police are keeping her identity private to protect her. Police would not disclose where in B.C. she is, or where in Africa she came from.

Police have not yet been able to make contact with Ladha. They believe she is not at home, and possibly not in the country.

“She does have connections outside of the country. We want to make sure she comes and presents herself to the courts,” McLaughlin said.

No one answered calls to two numbers listed for the Ladhas on Monday.

As well, no one answered the door at the family’s upscale home in the British Properties, a three-storey, tan-colour building with large windows and a view of downtown Vancouver.


The home has an outdoor basketball court, an indoor pool and is surrounded by chain-link fences. A Mercedes 560 SEL and an Infinity QX4 were parked on the driveway, neither with licence plates attached.

The total value of the home was valued at $3,145,000 in 2011, according to a BC Assessment report.

The Public Prosecution Service of Canada on Thursday approved one charge of human trafficking and one charge of human smuggling against Ladha.

Both offences carry severe penalties under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, introduced in 2002. The smuggling charge alone carries a maximum fine of $500,000 and 10 years in prison for a first offence.


This is only the second time a human trafficking charge has been approved in B.C.


Police said that while human trafficking cases are rare in Canada, they certainly happen.

“Part of the reason why human trafficking can exist, even in a country like this, is when people are brought over here, they don’t realize that the standards in Canada are so much different from the area of the world where they’re from,” McLaughlin said.


“They don’t realize it’s not okay to be living in a place without your identity papers, without pay, working these kinds of hours. They don’t understand the social mores of what goes on here.”


Neighbours who spoke with The Vancouver Sun on Monday said they last saw activity at the house three or four weeks ago, when a woman was seen on the driveway talking loudly on a cellphone.


However, they said it was rare to see people coming and going from the home.


A woman also named Mumtaz Ladha, who also lives in West Vancouver, posted several job openings in 2010 for a live-in caregiver.


According to the job description, the permanent, full-time job looking after a senior “requires working days, evenings and weekends.”

The worker would be required to “prepare and serve nutritious meals, perform light housekeeping and cleaning duties [and] maintain a safe and healthy environment in the home.”

The post listed the salary at $8 per hour, for 40 hours a week. Room and board charges were listed at $325 per month.

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35 Replies to “Muslim woman kept African slave in her 3.1M$ home in West Vancouver”

  1. A true mahoundian doesn’t regard slaves as human beings.

    As a side note to any black mahoundian or a black islamophile (such as Reverend Jeremiah Wrong or Jesse Jackson, for example) stumbling upon this article at VT, the fact that the word for black person in Arabic is abd (and abed in the plural form), which actually means slave, ought to be a little food for thought and an eye-opener for ya.

  2. Every where Islam is found you will find slavery, in the Islamic countries it is legal to semi-legal, around 10 years ago or earlier I read a report in one of the Canadian Papers about open slave markets in Chechnya, there have been several incidents in Florida with wealthy Saudi’s being the slave owners.

  3. It’s like I’ve always said. Muslims don’t emigrate to other countries to integrate. They are there to colonize the host country. Muslims don’t belong in the west.

  4. Slavery is not prohibited in islam. One of the surest ways to get to paradise is to imitate the founder of that religion. The founder owned several slaves. Ergo, slavery is encouraged.

  5. Sorry for the off topic but that reporter woman’s last name, Urquhart, is the same name for the ruins of a castle near the famous Loch Ness. I have (made in Scotland) crystal shot glasses with the castle ruins and “Urquhart Castle” etched on the glass.

  6. First of all, why was this posted under Islam? What does the woman’s religion has to do with it?

    Secondly, all of you are idiots! Seriously, what does this have to do with the woman’s religion? You morons!!!! Anybody from any religion could do this and they do this ALL the time. Even Angelina Jolie’s servant made accusations that she and Brad Pitt paid her in pennies. They’ve massive wealth and still they paid her shit. I bet Angelina and Pitt are muslim too huh?
    Slavery was abolished in Islam while Muhammad was still alive himself. He also said stealing/killing/hurting others is bad but people still do it. The trouble with Muslims is they don’t follow what Muhammad actually said. Just like Christians don’t follow what Jesus actually said. Get it???
    This woman is just a bad employer who treated her employee like shit just like millions of them do worldwide. If she were a Christian, would you accuse her of having slaves since Bible condones slavery as well.
    What I don’t get is whenever its a muslim person his/her religion is always blamed for their actions? Why can’t we accept the fact that muslims are just human beings like us and some of them are selfish, cruel and shitty people just like everybody else.
    Again, this incident has NOTHING to do with the woman’s religion. She didn’t even think about her religion while treating her maid like a slave. She is just a bad employer and we should focus on that and not turn everything muslims do into a religious thing. I know alot of them and have seen none of them ever pray or open the Quran. They do the exact opposite of what Muhammad said and then their religion is blamed.

  7. Lala:

    Only in the Islamic world is slavery not just tolerated but embraced. There are actually movements in some Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia to make slavery, still existing but subterranean, more open and a thing to be proud of, from sexual slavery to slavery for labour. The Islamic Republic of Mauritania still has open slave markets. The founder of Islam, Mohamed, bragged about his prowess in trading slaves and thought of black people as “raisin heads” and to this day there is no word in Arabic for black skinned people that does not also mean slave. Abdi being a common one of course. If you read the comments above I believe you will find links that confirm some of my assertions. The rest can be confirmed int he koran and the various hadiths and sunna, or the example of that twat Mohamed. When a Muslim keeps a slave, he is following the example of Mohamed and that is why so many do. When a Christian does, and it would be difficult to find any examples of a Christian slave owner, you and I both know Brad Pitt does not belong to a church and certainly is not a prominent member of one, he would be going agianst the teachings of Jesus.

    In fact, in the Sudan among other places, you will find Christian groups buying up slaves from Muslim slave traders who round up whole villages and take them as slaves killing some, raping others and taking some as labour. They then set them free. I think these Christian groups are wrong for doing that. I think they should hunt down the Muslim slave trading groups or ANY slave trading groups Muslim or not, and shoot them like rabid dogs. But that’s just me. I think slavery is a great crime.

  8. Read Victor Malarek’s book “The Natashas” for information on how young girls from the former Soviet Union countries are recruited for nanny, waitress and housekeeper jobs, taken to Israel and then stripped naked and sold like pieces of meat to the legal rape rooms aka brothels there.

  9. I always find it interesting that one of the tactics used to try and detract from the horrors of Islamic cultural and religious orthodoxy, is to attempt to negate them by claiming that Jews either also do it, or do it more, or do it worse. As if somehow that makes the actual policies of Islam OK, that some quantity of Jewish criminals may also do a thing, if indeed they do. Just saying is all Janie.

  10. @Janine:

    Well human trafficking is bad, and it seems to be the case all over the world, but we in the west have laws against it. I’d like to know if the people in Israel if caught would face charges as criminals just like here in Vienna/Austria. As to “Slavery” in Islam: How can a “religion” degrade a person to be a “slave”? Especially if this “religion” claims to be the “best” society any deity like allah the “stoned-god” of mecca could establish? How does the Islamic society rise above our lousy filthy despicable culture if the same crimes are committed in Islam? Can you point me to a book from a Islamic writer with the idea of a “Shan Gri La” the ideal paradise on earth? OK the islamic paradise which is promised will be after the “day of doom” after the sinners wait for at least 1000 year before the judgment-seat of allah…
    And Janine two wrongs do not make one right.

  11. Eeyore:

    I’ve traveled to 26 different Islamic nations as part of my volunteer work. Not even in one of them I saw any evidence of slavery taking place in broad day light as you imply. Slavery is NOT a part of Islam. It was practiced in the arab world BEFORE Muhammad was even born. If it is practiced behind closed doors in the arab world today it has more to do with their culture and not with their religion.

    99% of muslims all over the world DON’T practice what Muhammad preached. He meditated in a cave for 40 years when he got enlightenment. A man like him did not desire any worldly goods or riches let alone slaves.

    The west has done its best to demonize Muhammad who was so poor he couldn’t even afford to eat or feed his family everyday. His daughter’s hands used to bleed after working 18 hours a day straight and once she asked him how come the rich arab jewish men have slaves and we don’t? Muhammad said those with slaves will go straight to hell. Once he did not eat for 30 days straight to save money so he could free a slave from his Jewish master.

    Obviously most of you are unfamiliar with these stories because you have not done the research yourself. You have been fed lies over lies by your governments with hidden agendas. Muhammad, the man who cried whenever he saw an animal got hurt, could have never ever hurt a human being. His message was of peace and love for the entire human race. In the quran it clearly says “Killing a man is like killing the whole human race and saving a man is like saving the whole human race.”

    Whatever is practiced today in the islamic world has nothing to do with Muhammad’s teachings. If those muslims actually practiced his teachings they would be rulers of the world today. His message was distorted after his death beyond recognition. His successors added and deleted several of his laws to suit their own material needs. The day he died, a war broke out while his body lay dead inside the room.

    So no, whatever muslims do, or whatever these islamic nations are doing has nothing to do with Muhammad and his teachings. Just like Jesus never asked a christian to blow up an abortion clinic or shoot a doctor dead, similarly Muhammad never asked muslims to have slaves or do shitty things on his name.

    He was a spiritual man, someone who meditated in a cave for 40 years. That cave is still present to this day and people can easily visit it. A man like him was not interested in this world, its riches, power and glory. Muhammad had such good character that even his enemies praised and trusted him. A jewish woman who every single day threw garbage on him became ill, and guess who went to take care of her? Yes Muhammad did. I bet whoever has fed all you people the lies about him forgot to mention anything good about him. Go do your own research and free yourself of this needless hatred.

    There clearly is an agenda here by the western governments and media to demonize islam and muslims because they see them as a threat. They know that if Islam was in power there would be no interest or debt and the economy of the world would prosper and people would become free financially overnight because Islam does not allow debt or interest which the whole western economy is based upon. This is the simple truth. This is why Islam has been demonized. At the end of the day, in the western world, its always about the money. No matter what they do, its all about the money.

  12. @ Lala,

    “99% of muslims all over the world DON’T practice what Muhammad preached.”

    Thank God (the real one, not the god worshipped by muslims) for that, otherwises we would be in really deep sh1t.

  13. @Andre:

    Yes its a good thing they don’t follow him because if they did they would turn everyone’s life into a living hell. Imagine having to remain clean 24/7, washing yourself 5 times a day, not cheating on your wife, not being addicted to porn, not stealing from your employer, doing an honest days’ work, not paying or getting any interest, not playing violent video games where naked women are torn into pieces by men, not stealing, not killing, not raping, being nice to your neighbor, not shooting your own parents dead, politicians not living in palaces and etc etc. And we can’t have all that, can we!

  14. @Andre:

    “Slavery is not prohibited in islam. One of the surest ways to get to paradise is to imitate the founder of that religion. The founder owned several slaves. Ergo, slavery is encouraged.”

    Oh good lord I can’t believe this bullshit you’re spewing from your mouth. “Slavery is encouraged? Really? Go to any muslim nation today and find me one, just one single slave. A real life slave. JUST ONE. I DARE YA!

    Either you’re an utterly ignorant fool or a shill whose being paid to spew this venom, and hatred and spread all sorts of lies about this religion. Just fucking unbelievable!

  15. Lala:

    Google the following phrase:

    ‘Slavery and the Islamic republic of Mauritania’ Then, watch some documentaies on the history of the Barbary pirates, and Islamic slavery both Atlantic and Pacific. I have subtitled many documentaries myself on the Islamic aspects of the slave trade and then check the history of slavery in Saudi Arabia. That should be enough to satisfy someone who actually wants to know. Of course, if you are here to life, deny and obfuscate, then no amount of evidence will do. The Koran and many hadiths though clearly discuss Mohamed’s love of slavery and so on. The whole, ‘raisin head’ thing etc.

  16. @Lala:
    I have a few questions for you:

    Which of his 4 wives would a husband be cheating on:
    1. If the Qur’an (23:5-6) says that it is okay to have sex with slaves?
    2. If the Qur’an (4:24) says that it’s forbidden to commit adultery unless the woman is a slave?

    If a man takes on another wife (or 2 or 3…) without the consent of the first wife, is he cheating on her? (Qur’an 4:34, 4:3) What is that woman is a slave? (Qur’an 4:3).

    I remind you, these are Medinian verses and trump any “peaceful” meccan verses. These verses permit slavery in Islam even if most muslims do not practice it.

    You should also read articles like:

    Just because you didn’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I have never seen a caracal (it’s a wild cat native to Asia), but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  17. LALA,
    Who do you think you’re fooling with your nonsense? How stupid do you think people are? Read the second half of the Qur’an. Nice try though.

  18. I’m not fooling anyone but you all have fooled yourselves into hating a religion none of your have any personal experience with. I bet none of you even have a real life muslim friend either or ever bothered to talk to one.

    Listen up you unbelievably ignorant and naive folks.

    Islam has different sects just like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism and these different sects believe and practice the religion differently from eachother because they all interpret the Quran and Hadith differently.

    Get it? Its that simple.

    Fortunately majority of muslims in the world belong to the sect that DOES NOT believe in slavery. Quran is open to interpretation and they’ve decided to interpret it that way.

    Take the example of Saudi Arabia. Women can’t drive there. Thats NOT an islamic law because if it were an islamic law then all islamic nations would need to follow it but do they? No they don’t. There are muslim nations with not just female drivers but female prime ministers and presidents as well.

    Again, the difference between the interpretation arises because of cultural differences. Because arab culture was already practicing slavery because of Judism and Christianity’s influence, they carried it forward with them after Muhmmad’s death. Other cultures such as the indian culture did not practice slavery before Islam so they don’t do it today either.

    Still don’t get it?

    Your hatred for islam has just blinded you to the fact that this religion is just like every other religion out there. When good people follow it they do good, when bad people follow it they do bad. Just like this woman here who treated her maid like shit. Not because she was thinking ” Oh I’m a muslim and the maid is not.” That thought didnt even enter her mind. She was just being a bad person and a bad employer. It had nothing to do with her religion.

    What all of you need to get through your thick heads is this.

    Not every action muslims take is because of Islam. I know plenty of them here, meet them everyday at work and they can’t even recite one single verse from the Quran. They’re just like everybody else. Once a week on friday they go to the mosque for 30 minutes and are dying to get out.

    But seeing everyone has already made up their mind its better I don’t bother anymore. You people are disgusting and make me sick. You pretend like you’re all high and mighty and clean but look at your own history. These days its cool to demonize all muslims and Islam because you all know whose gonna object. Well I do. Just like I would have objected to Hitler’s behavior toward the Jews I would object your lots behavior toward the muslims as well who haven’t even hurt any of your personally. Your hatred is not natural, it has been systematically planted into your heads and hearts by the western media. You have become their puppet and they’re playing you so bad you’ve developed hatred toward a religion you’re not even a part of.

  19. My fellow infidels! The Muslim known as Lala is not constrained by the truth. The practice of taquiyya, that is, sacred lying, is halal for all Muslims. Lala may say anything to deceive us, mislead us and conceal the true nature of Islam. Read the Qur’an, the aHadith and the Sira (biography of Mohammed) and discover the truth about Islam. I even urge Lala to read the Qur’an in his or her native tongue. It would be your first step towards freedom.

  20. Tanstaafl:

    It is also possible that Lala is sincere. I have met many Muslims, some of whom are quite famous, who believe that Mohamed was not a pedophile (for one example) Some of these people warn us daily about the danger of ‘Islamism’ while claiming Islam as a religion has been hijacked. They are, I am quite content, sincere and I am certain they are very good people and I wish to see them succeed in every way. I do not however agree with them. I think the radical Muslims are the ones who have reshaped it as peaceful and decided that Mohamed’s own law clearly spelled out in the koran of ‘abrogation’ (A childish device if ever there was one yet it took) works backwards so that the peaceful verses abrogate the calls to war.

    The problem with ‘Al Taqyyia’ is it is too convenient a device. Not that many Muslims don’t use it, lots and lots do and you can hear it in interviews with a lot of hard core Muslims and imams and so on. But that doesn’t mean that every Muslim we disagree with is using it. Many we just, disagree with and they are sincere in what they believe. There are a few who read vlad and comment here, (usually just on one or two threads though) and I don’t think they are being deceptive in all things, I just don’t agree with them. This could be the case here as well.

  21. Slavery in the Islamic world is not prohibited under sharia. It finds itself among other practices which Islamic law does not prohibit outright like child brides and polygamy. Although many Muslims don’t participate in these practices, many others do. It doesn’t matter whether they’re driven by culture or not. In fact, there are Imams in Canada who openly officiate illegal multiple marriages in Toronto suburbs using sharia law(s) as their guidance and defence.

    For someone who seems pleased with reciting the pleasantries and stories of Muhammed, I notice you failed to mention that he was slave owner himself. Remember Rihanna the Jewish woman who was received by Muhammed as an enslaved concubine on the night of her tribes’ slaughter?

    You have every right to defend Islam if that is what you believe. I can’t speak for others, but will argue that legitimate criticism of religion and some cultural practices that I find abhorrent does not equal hatred for people. Get it? It’s that simple.

  22. LALA,

    Get your head out of your a$$. What flipping Koran have you been reading – not the same one everyone else has read. See the problem is Lala, once you read that 7th century POS you can’t help but dispise Islam. The koran advocates pedophilia, mysoginy, sexual slavery, slave labor, murder, honor killings, promise of young boys to rape in their so called heaven, etc, etc etc. I could go on and on about the filth written by the 7th century, camel riding, pedophile mo. You can comment all the BS you want Lala but everybody knows better. The truth about Islam has gotten out.

  23. There are now tons of great books on the Koran, the best might be Robert Spencer’s but I have not read that yet (I plan too though) but I can recommend, ‘Pain Pleasure and Prejudice’ by an Ottawa Systems analyst, Bernard Payeur. He started out to write a book on how Islam was misunderstood by it’s opponents and wanted to tackle the prejudice against it only to find we/they were correct. His book is readable, enjoyable, dryly humorous at times and contains nearly the whole koran but in chronological order so you can see what abrogates what and he explains it all as well, the meaning of certain verses. He also goes in to some discussion about the potential veracity of the material but that is of less importance then the actual systems-analyst approach to it.

    Try and get the book if you can. Its worth the time to read it certainly.

  24. Eeyore you are right, the radical Moslems are the ones who are trying to make Islam into a peaceful religion, they are the ones who think they represent the majority of Moslems when in fact they are a very small minority. Lala may be one of them or she may be lying hoping to convince us that Islam is harmless. Either way she is helping the jihadists by giving the peace at any cost crowd an easy out, they just claim that the majority of Moslems are peaceful.

  25. Muslims are not all peaceful because muslims are people, human beings just like the rest of us and human beings come in all shapes and sizes. Some muslims have good qualities, some have bad. Some lie, some don’t. Some steal, some don’t. Some kill, some don’t.

    But rest assured that when a muslim lies to you, its not because he’s a muslim and you’re not. Its because he’s trying to save his ass.

    When muslims get up in the morning, Islam is the last thing on their minds. They got families to take care of, kids to feed, jobs to go to, screaming bosses to face, cars to fix, mortgages to pay. Religion is the last thing on their minds.

    You lot are so paranoid, so irrational that you don’t even realize that fact that you’ve created this circle of fear and uncertainty around you regarding the almost 2 billion human beings who share the same air you breath. You don’t even realize the fact that you think about Islam more than the real muslims do. How sad that unlike you they actually have a life and are not obsessed with their religion.

  26. @Richard:

    Radicals are trying to make Islam a peaceful religion? Am I missing something here?

    Islam is already a peaceful religion. Radicals are trying to destroy it. And if the majority of muslims are not peaceful according to you, how come the 2 billion of them are not blowing up the whole planet?

    Trust me when the real peaceful muslims turn radical, you won’t just hear about it on the news, you will see it in your streets.

    And why on earth would I need to lie to you? Islam is already a peaceful religion. Its most prominent teaching is of love and kindness toward other human beings.

    However, what its followers do is a whole different matter. And being human beings possessing human nature which has violent tendencies already ingrained in it, these followers do whatever the hell they want and the religion gets blamed in the process.

    Men don’t need a religion to be evil, they’re fully capable of being evil and doing evil all by themselves. If a muslim guy beats up his wife its not because he’s muslim, its because he’s a frustrated husband and husbands beat up their wives all over the world. They did it before any religion was present on the planet and they will keep doing it till all religions are dead and long gone.

    The propoganda going on this website and all over the western media is this that they totally disregard the fact that there are some bad qualities in every human being being. If this woman was not a muslim and her maid was, you would never hear the employers religion mentioned in the same story. Its only when this woman happens to be a muslim that you hear about it.

    Rubi Dhala whose a very prominent politician in Canada was accued of keeping 2 maids as her slaves and for years treated them like shit. The case was all over the news. Not even once did anyone mention her religion. No one ever said a hindu politician kept 2 maids as slaves. But I bet if she were a muslim, her religion would take precedence over her character.

    As I keep saying, what this employer did shows more of her character and less of her religion. If she were a good muslim which she is clearly not, she would have paid her maid promptly because thats a law in Islam. Muhammad said pay the salary of the worker BEFORE the sweat on his forehead dries. Obviously this woman didn’t follow this teaching of Islam just like the majority of muslims don’t either. If they did, their countries wouldn’t be in the shit they’re right now.

  27. @MRobs:

    Haha! Man I love this! The truth about islam has gotten out eh? And who exactly has done this giant favor to us al? Pray enlighten us! The same governments that have systematically and sneakily usurped your freedom and rights in the guise of providing security? You trust them? Really? How old are you exactly?

    There are these buildings called “Libraries” and some day you should go there and do a little research of your own. But that depends upon if you can actually read a book. If you can you might wana learn some real history of how the british murdered in cold blood over a 100 million muslims in India. Yes over a 100 million. And back then there was no Al Qaida, no osama bin laden, no terrorists.

    Being a good muslim the emperor welcomed the british, opened his arms, palaces and the whole cities to accommodate these white foreigners who said they had arrived to conduct some business. Instead they overstayed their welcome, multiplied like rats, each family having more than 7 kids, begun demanding land and citizenship rights and as a sign of gratitude to the last muslim emperor, they tied him up infront of a tank and blew him up in the middle of the city, infront of all his people.

    200 years of slavery, murder, rape, looting of precious jewels, artifacts and destruction of the entire country followed suit. Hmmm I bet the emperor was working for Al qaida. How very sneaky of him to work for an organization that didn’t even exist back then….

    The Portuguese general who discovered india blew up ship after ship of muslims going to mecca on a holy journey and stole all their jewelry. He describes this in great detail himself and maybe he was right in doing so. Who knows all these muslims might have been working for Al Qaida.

    I could go on and on but I won’t. Considering what muslims have gone through and are still going through with, its a miracle they’ve all not become radicals by now. The only thing stopping them from doing so is Islam itself because it says that killing of one man equals killing of all mankind. No muslim parent gets up in the morning and teaches his children to grow up and become a terrorist.

    The west hated islam back then and it still does. This is obvious from the way NATO is bombing the muslim countries to dust. This is an old war being fought with new weapons. Before it was the swords now its the tanks. Same old story. Same old shit.

    Its got nothing to do with you guys, your freedoms or your security. The only difference is, back in the good old days they didn’t even need to ask their public’s permission to murder a 100 million muslims. These days they must come up with a bullshit excuse to keep their public in constant fear and paranoia so they keep paying taxes and keep thinking its all being done to protect them. Bet when the create these weapons and nuclear warheads, your protection is the last thing on their mind.

  28. Yes Lala you are missing something, mainstream Islam is not now and has never been a peaceful religion, the sect you belong to may be peaceful but the vast majority of Moslems aren’t. They are the ones who are taking control of the Middle East and who are re-establishing the Caliphate, they are the ones who are attacking non Moslems all around the world. If you really believe what you are saying wake up and smell the roses, if you don’t stop being a troll.

  29. Until Muslims evolve from 7th century thinking we should not have them here.
    After all, aren’t they the reason we’re losing our nation, our freedoms and liberties to ridiculous security measures anyway? By definition they can not be good Canadians, or Americans, or Brits….
    I will never accept them.

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