Toronto. Where every Muslim gets to make up the law as they go along

This should be a concern for everyone, left right and center. Even Stalin would have been OK with taking a picture at a major tourist site.

Please click over to Blazing Cat Fur for all the details. But this video shows a terrifying trend of how the Toronto police now take orders from any random Muslim and allows them to create the truth even when there is video evidence showing the contrary and there are other non-Muslim Arabic speakers who heard what was said, and are willing to testify to the facts.

A commenter below, Ademir, has posted a link that I was actually planning to look up and add to this post myself later. Thank you for doing this Ademir.

It is crucial in order to understand the severity of the story in the video above to read what happened to Tarek Fatah, and how the police violated every proceedure Canada has to accomodate Muslims even though Tarek, a well known ‘moderate’ Muslim had death threats against him while he was in the hospital recovering from cancer treatment.

In the light of this article, the story in the video above shows how the Toronto authorities are not making a dunder-headed exception, but are clearly implementing a highly illiberal and anti-democratic set of, very likely secret, policies.

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  1. I am so happy to have this happen. xoxoxo to David Menzies, but when this is now finally happening to people of public notoriety then there is more of a chance of public awareness and change. This happened to me four years ago and I really thought I was in a city gone mad, where there was no recourse, no justice, like in a third world country where if you get into trouble you run like hell and hopefully find an embassy or just a border crossing. I hope he sues, and I hope he wins against these backward psychos. The police in Loonie Toons Toronto are completely corrupt. If I hadn’\t felt victimized and so upset, and told I would face a human rights charge, being on pension, I was too frightened to persue the insanity I faced at the time.
    Please hope that David Menzies will persue charges, but again, I also had videos and the police at the station in High Park just did nothing. They said I had no credibility.
    That was pleasant for a retired teacher/counsellor of 30 years with a public school system, with all sorts of experience and work with Boards, ATA, representing Canada training teachers in developing countries etc, et el,
    Go Go Go David Menzies, please charge these bastards and use an injury lawyer too…

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