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4 Replies to “CBN video: Treatment of Christians in the Middle East continues to be horrific”

  1. You might find this article interesting. A debate was held at Westminster Hall recently about the persecution of Christians around the world. These facts are a matter of public record, and the phenomenon is deemed worthy of discussion in the British Parliament.

  2. Yes, I forgot you did some video work on that piece earlier. It can’t be said often enough right now (given recent events) that it is perfectly reasonable to be concerned about whether Islamic teachings are compatible with Western values. That question inevitably arises in the mind of any reasonable person, after they see elected politicians debate the way non-Muslims are treated in Islamic countries. If that is what our elected political representatives are concerned about, then it is reasonable, as citizens, to share those concerns. If that is what Islamic countries can be like when they are ruled according to Islamic principles, then what would it be like in our own country if we gave too much power to Islam, in all its manifestations? It’s a perfectly reasonable question.

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