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11 Replies to “Michael Coren and Kathy Shaidle: “Some are saying that the Oslo massacre was done by, yep, The JOOZ!”

  1. Business as usual in Europe, let the anti-Semitism that has been hiding from sight out into the open where we can all see what the countries are really like.

  2. @ amdg
    So saying that Israel was behind it and people showing no mercy is exactly the same thing? How is it that people commenting on a news story is according to you: ‘Israel rejoices at the killings”? The government offered Norway help, they said no.

  3. I have not said that. I have said that I do not know any evidence that Israel is behind. How can you put that question?

    You may consider reading the comments. I think that this is rejoicing.

    There is possibly a reason for it (I find disgusting the interest of Norway in Palestinians), but it is nevertheless rejoicing. And I find it rather “funny” when I compare it with the reaccion of the Counterjihad.

  4. Well, amdg, I did read the comments and not only those comments on that page. I read the comments on the Israeli newssites (ynet, J-post, Israel National news). Maybe you should do that too, before you start talking about ‘rejoicing’. The majority of those comments were full of disgust about what that psycho did.

  5. You have read hundreds of comments indeed. And I am sure that you read also those in Haaretz, and ten or may be twenty Israeli blogs. Didn´t you?

    Still, in the article linked I could read:

    > When the first news report appeared Friday on Ynet, the Yediot Ahronot website and Israel’s most trafficked news site, comments seemed to run about 3- or 4-to-1 (at a rough eyeball guess) hostile rather than sympathetic.

    It seems that this is much different than what you say.

    Please go to the site and tell the author. I would do it myself, but who I am but a goy who cannot understand Jewish matters?

  6. There have been several articles from Israeli and Jewish sites that I have not linked to, nor have copied here because they smacked of something which I both understand, but felt was not appropriate in its entirety at this time. I think personally that ‘rejoicing’ is far too strong and in fact is inaccurate a term. Something like, bit not quite schadenfreude might be closer. But still not that. Closer to pointing out a kind of karma perhaps. There was no joy in these articles but there was not the complete outpouring of sympathy that I would have preferred to have seen. Other articles I have rad, showed that the camp that the psycho Breivik attacked was indeed having an anti-Israel festival and were in complete alliance, at least ideologically if not, although possibly also, politically with terrorists who have been attacking, killing and blowing up Israelis for many many years.

    I can see how it might be difficult for Israelis to not at least point this out. In the hopes perhaps that Norwegians may develop a modicum of sympathy for the Israeli day to day experience of life.

    Sadly we know already from statements that the Norwegian government has made, that they refuse to equate these events and consider the terrorism against Israel to be justified, while Anders act of unprecedented narcissism was not.

    News flash: You can justify anything. But one should be careful before they do, so it doesn’t come back to bite one in the arse. Perhaps it is a shame that some Israeli and Jewish sympathetic journalists could not help but point out the cruel irony in this so early on. But one can’t say it isn’t a little understandable.

  7. @ amdg
    Ah, the goy word, how nice. If you had followed the story you would have seen the comments ‘changing’. The first stories that came our were about the bombings and after that the shootings on the island. Later there were stories about what the people were actually doing on that island plus the comments of the ambassador of Norway in Israel (Israeli’s dead = good, Norwegians dead = bad). If you had paid attention you would have noticed the comments changing, but to call them rejoicing no. It’s amazing how you base your opinion on one website while you never cared to take a look at the comments while the stories about the Norwegian tragedy were developing.

  8. It is perfectly understandable, and healthy in my opinion, that they rejoice/feel a little bit of satisfaction (I am not going to discuss the exact grade of the feeling). The damages suffered by the enemy are of course a source of joy.

    It is funny (for a judeoskeptic, you may say a judeophobe, I am not going to discuss this either) to compare the reaction of the Israelis and Counter Jihad, which is distancing itself from the events (with good reasons).

    That was my point, the contrast between both reactions.

    As for your post. It seems difficult that Breivik did all this without some kind of assistance by third parties. In that circumstances, the question to be put is Qui prodest? If we analyze the reactions, it is the Jewry who seems the least sad (it is the other way to say it) with the massacre.

    I insist, I do not know about any evidence at this moment, but I would not consider paranoids those who point to the fact. And if I had to start an investigation, I would of course try to see where this hypothesis leads.

    The video just adds noise. Of course it is not ALWAYS the fault of the Jews, but this does not mean that it is never their fault.

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