1. I am happy they have done this but I am wondering how long before the North invades the South? Without the South they don’t have a new source of slaves.

  2. Richard I think they will not do so. This may seem a strange thing to say. The North has already lost and maybe the North is weary of war. I am happy that the South is free of the North so that is great. But the loss is the loss of Islam. Islam has lost.

  3. In any case whether we see a war or not the main thing as of this point Islam has lost. Notice they also lost in East Timor. Notice Iraq too. Flattened by the idiots of Bin Laden. We should see when Islam loses. Now that is three countries. Two are free of Islam and the third is crushed and will not be troubling anyone for a while any way. We need to celebrate our victories.

  4. The slave raids are continuing as we speak, and the North will conquer the South in the near future if Europe or the US doesn’t interfere, we won’t and after the conquest Islam will have won.

  5. I see you have a pessimistic view of the current situation Richard. Let us hope it is not so. Only time will tell. In papua new guinea the land was won back from the muslim imperialists. It is still in kuffar hands. It will remain so. I am sure the same will occur in South Sudan. The counterjihad needs to be celebrate its victories and remain positive.

  6. Western socialists need immigrants, but even they have their limits. And that limit will be reached when they realize that Islamic immigration and violence makes their dream of a new Europe and a world united under international law null and void. Even without that, their welfare state utopias have a limited lifespan. And when those utopias collapse, they won’t have much use for immigrants. Or for the violence they bring with them.

    Islam is overreaching badly. Its political successes have inflamed its sense of destiny. But politics turns. And unlike a high tech society or a competent military– the political advantage and wealth that comes from an addiction to oil are both vulnerable to sudden change. The wheel of history is turning. And while Muslims are confident that it is turning in their direction, they would do well to remember that the glorious days of mastery they are trying to recapture came to an end for a reason. That the ruler of history raps hardest the knuckles of those who refuse to learn its lessons. And that they have now become its worst pupils.

    Daniel Greenfield

  7. The above author in the article from which this is quoted does a good comparison with Nazi Germany. Nazism also over reached itself. We see the same thing today. South Sudan is now free and will remain free. PNG is also free. The muslims are starving in Somalia. One interviewed Somali woman on Al BBC wondered where was the muslim world is in this tragedy. They have destroyed Tunisia and Egypt and Libya. Bush and Bin Laden took out Iraq. Yemen is destroyed. The Whole Muslim world is becoming one big garbage dump. These losers are going to lose through starvation. Even a Jihadist has to eat. The riots in these arab countries we have witnessed are due to economic conditions. The price of food is too much for Muzzies but not for Asians who have become richer and can afford these new prices which have been driven up by rising oil costs. The high price of oil is killing the Muzzies through the higher price of grain which is linked to oil costs. The macro economic change that changes the world is here. Richard we have much to be thoughtful about. The world is changing before our eyes.

  8. And the left is busy destroying the west, the current financial crisis will probably cause a double dip recession if not worse. Also there is a high probability of most European nations and the US defaulting on some of their bonds.

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