Fjordman, John Lennon and Che Guevara

I am getting rather fed up with commenters here and elsewhere, as well as articles that are appearing in the MSM and blogs accusing the historian and blogger known as ‘Fjordman’, a personal friend of mine and someone who’s thinking and character I admire very much, of being everything from a mentor to the Norwegian mass-murdering monster to actually being that Norwegian mass-murdering monster despite the fact that he is not in jail and continues to publish while the accused is at the moment, safely in jail.

A few things need to be pointed out right now which dramatically effect the complexion of this event and how Fjordman’s role is perceived in it.

For one thing, the killers manifesto shows he has been planning this event for over 9 years. This means that Anders had planned to do this atrocity or something very much like it for years before Fjordman or for that matter any of us in the counter jihad had even begin to write.

Secondly, I do not see anyone now or then accusing John Lennon of killing Sharon Tate. The Beatles wrote a rather angry sounding song called ‘Helter Skelter’ which the psychotic serial killer Charles Manson used as his inspiration to murder many people most notably Roman Polanski’s then pregnant wife Sharon Tate and write the name of the song in blood on the walls of their family home.

He wrote about how Helter Skelter was the Beatles way of letting us all know about the coming race war between blacks and whites in the USA.

No one then except for a few kooks accused the Beatles of having any real complicity in these crimes. They understood that people can take any influence they want and use it how they see fit for their purposes and this paints no guilt on the person who’s work was taken grossly out of context as the Beatles certainly never meant to inspire anything remotely like the actions in Oslo on July 22 of 2011 just as Fjordman never advised, wrote, said or for that matter thought that it might be a good idea to let bombs off all over Norway and kill a lot of indigenous Norwegian children or anyone for that matter.

However I can’t help but grimace at the thought that many who would condemn Fjordman for the fact that his writing has been twisted and abused by a monster who planned his awful deed years in advance of even reading Fjordman’s work, would likely wear Che T shirts, glorifying a mass murderer and Castro’s prison torturer, a man who used his medical skills to be a better administrator of human suffering and creator of maximum pain for Castro’s political opponents and often whole villages of people who just did not agree with his totalitarian vision.

Like so many stomach turning ironies of this day and age, we are reminded of how urgently necessary is our sense of smell.

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  1. And it’s not just Che. Lenin, Mao, Castro, the whole mass-murdering lot of them were (and still are, in some places) very popular on T-shirts, mugs, posters, baseball caps, you name it.

    Most of the merch made in Red China, natch. Irony upon irony.

  2. This is the tip of the iceberg. There will be lots more this crap as the analysis of this tortuous heinous cowardly act of terror is dragged through the press. As Jihad Watch says, the Blame game, I just heard on cbc, mosques in England are on a watch against terrorist actions against them, lol parking the car…
    Sadly, there will be all sorts of ludicrous accusations and inferences made toward anyone in the common sense camps..those who support integration, separation of religion and state, limited immigration, all and any of the platforms of the sensible tenants necessary to sustain free democracies and the Judeo-Christian values. The media and left will attempt to create a correlation between the actions of a madman and anything sensible from the right political arena. Hitler liked dogs. Therefore all those who like dogs must have the same values as Hitler. There are lots of other examples of this type of faulty propaganda type logic, and we will see plenty in the next while. Even my daughter today tried to align this sick murdering tormenter to me, by saying his political ideas are similar to mine…..Yikes, and she’s a lawyer…. I know she was just getting a dig in, but the dummies who listen to all the media propaganda will be shivering in their cowardly boots and thinking….yes, what we really need is more and more tolerance….to prevent such a horrid tragedy in future.
    However, there are those who think this is as the other side of the coin, only a beginning to the clash of culture wars…. Easy to imagine this act to be carried out by islamic terrorists, palestinians, hamas, hezbolla, egyptians, iranians, a=rabs, on and on and on, but it is such a parazyzing shock to our systems when we realize it is done by a crazy on our side, because there are so many fewer of them. They do exist, but because we socialize out these parasites there are few, and they are not the mainstream as they are in other cultures, or in places where hatred is institutionalized as in places like pre-war germany, or Apartheid south africa, or genocidal rwanda
    All I can think of is the pain of the parents and the fact that they have no death penalty in Norway….

  3. Batten down the hatches, there’s stormy weather ahead. The left and the Muslims are going to make the argument that the “right wing propaganda” they heard on sites much like this one here caused the killer to act. They are going to start screaming for censorship and they may well get what they want thanks to Anders Beirik. He is a dream-come-true for them in propaganda terms; he is what they keep saying all conservatives are like deep down. A year from now, it may be illegal to criticize Islam in a public forum such as this – they’ll just lump it in with kiddy-porn and expand the police capabilities in computer crime – and then they’ll cite “Ander’s Law” or “The Norway Law” or whatever, and the uninformed public will fall for it hook, line, and sinker. From that point on, the rest doesn’t matter much because we will have ceased being democratic and we will have ceased being free. Then, the Somalians and the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis can flood our countries without us being able to as much as turn our heads, let alone open our mouths. Oh, look! There’s a SWAT Team coming through my skylights as we speak. I’d best be quiet as a mouse…

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