Leaps of logic.

There will be a lot to say in the coming days about the barbaric mass murder by Anders in Norway. I have quite a bit to say on it myself but I would like to wait till some more accusations and absurd connections and asignation of guilt are made. Meanwhile, Pamela Geller made a rather excellent post about those who would make leaps of logic to cast blame.

One thing is certain. If blogs like mine or Gates of Vienna or Fjordman etc. can be blamed for inspiring this monster — blogs that have never once advocated violence, that have been firmly against terrorism no matter who it was by, people like Geert Wilders that wish to preserve a culture of modern liberalism and pluralism against the mono-culturalist Islam and its totalitarian illiberal legal ‘system’ — if all these people are to blame, then how can those same people say that the Koran, which is nearly one long solid incitement to terror and murder, rape and taking of slaves, of manifest destiny and mass slaughter and theft of all things belonging to unbelievers, how can those same people who accuse we of the fledgling pro-classical-liberalism, pro-women’s rights and gay rights (to varying degrees, granted), how can they accuse us of being the inspiration to this one lone Norwegian mass murdering monster and yet absolve the Koran for its role in inspiring many of history’s greatest genocides, from the Nazi one (Muslim SS divisions in the Balkans) to the unimaginable genocide of Hindus, causing the Gypsy Diaspora, to Europe, and on, and on, and on.

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  1. Never will such a heinous crime as this EVER let Islamic barbarity off the hook, and for any Islamic apologist to use Anders’ actions to draw a moral equivalence between Islamism and flaws originating from the Western way of life is a complete non-starter.

  2. The socialists have been losing elections in Europe, this horrific event gives the socialists a reason to crack down on the right via blaming us for what– he– an individual did. Get ready for progressive to come after the right unimpeded by the laws of the land, free speech will be destroyed and those against Multicultural programs will be hunted like dogs. Socialists never let a horrific event go to waste, and what we see happening in the liberal media via demonizing us will only aide them in their quest to repress those who don’t walk lock step with their radical socialists’ view.

  3. “Marxist Hunter” Anders Behring Breivik

    Inevitable… Far Left Links “Right-Wing” Oslo Killer to Palin and Tea Party

    Heads I Win – Tails You Lose

    When crazed Bush-hatingleftist Jared Loughner went on a shooting spree in Arizona the left blamed Sarah Palin. When a crazed “right-wing” killer goes on a shooting spree in Oslo the the left blames Sarah Palin.


    “My childhood Paradise”

    Strange ‘paradise’. A socialist (summer camp) indoctrination centre for ‘community organizers’. Spending time at a hate Israel, Marxist labour camp doesn’t sound like ’paradise’ to me. Am I the only one that thinks a Government (Party indoctrination) summer camp for kids is creepy?

    Note that the media is very careful not to show any faces in the reports from Utoya Island. Yesterday they weren’t so prude when they showed the bloody disaster from the business district of Oslo. (http://sheikyermami.com/2011/07/23/my-childhood-paradise/)

  4. Am I the only one that thinks a Government (Party indoctrination) summer camp for kids is creepy? No you are not. Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. Eeyore –

    Don’t you for one second listen to anyone who tries to tar anti-jihadist bloggers with this. The person to blame is the murderer. And if we were to go casting secondary or tertiary blame, it should fall on the heads of the dhimmis. It is they who established the precedent that killing kids is a way to effect policy change. When America was hit on 9/11, within just a few days the dhimmis were asking “Why do they hate us?” – by which they meant “Let’s figure out what their grievances are and address them.” Susan Sontag was more explicit, saying a couple of weeks after the attack that it was US foreign policy and alliances that caused the attack and that changing that policy and those alliances is what would keep the US safe. In Spain, the 3/11 attacks yielded a change in government and Spain’s withdrawal of any indirect assistance it was providing for the US in Iraq. Given this sordid record, why wouldn’t a Norwegian extremist – who has no chance of winning at the ballot box – determine that the best way to change Norwegian public policies is to slaughter people?

    One other thing: this blog has at times flirted with homophobia and suggested that gays are somehow soft on jihadis. This is false and unfair and I don’t appreciate it. One of the leading voices against dhimmitude in Norway is a gay American expatriot named Bruce Bawer, who at great personal risk defends Norway more than does the average Norwegian. In contrast, appears that it will be a straight fundamentalist Christian who, through his monstrous actions, drives Norway further down the path of multiculturalism and mass Muslim immigration.

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