Building To Be Reconstructed Into Mosque For Muslim Community In Athens

I think perhaps it is time that the teaching of Greek history be taught in Greek schools once again. This story has me a little, to quote a friend of mine, ‘gobsmacked’.

Under the article, I will post the graphic needed to take to your local T shirt stall in a mall near you, and have a T shirt made that reflects Greek and Islamic history a bit more rationally than the current story below.

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Current building in Botanikos to be reconstructed into Mosque.

The Greek government will finance the reconstruction of building structures into mosques for the Muslim community in Athens. Estimated to cost less than 15 million, the existing plans for the mosque will serve 500 faithful Muslims.

The building of the former Naval Base in Botanikos has been chosen and once it is renovated and converted, it will operate as an Islamic mosque in Athens. According to the amendment tabled in parliament it will be incorporated in a bill being debated by the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change which governs energy issues.

The Steering Committee of the mosque consists of five Greek government officials and two Muslims from recognized associations in Athens. The Islamic leadership position, often the worship leader of a mosque and the Muslim community will be appointed after approval by the Minister of Education.

better 500 years late than never

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  1. I am truly baffled. Greece is bankrupt; they’re existing on handouts. Just how are they planning on paying for this marvellous piece of make-work?

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