STRATFOR: Nigeria: 5 Dead, 12 Injured In Sectarian Clashes

How much you want to bet that the “sectarian clashes” are in fact Muslims trumping up a charge and then attacking in ‘retaliation’ for it as they seem to do all over the world.

STRATFOR SITREP: July 20, 2011

Five people died and 12 were severely injured in clashes between Muslim and Christian youths late July 19 in Jos, Nigeria, Capt. Charles Ekeocha, a spokesman for the military task force in charge of local security, said July 20, AFP reported. The riots began in Angwan Rukuba district when Muslim youths protested the murder of a Muslim carpenter they believe was lured to his death by a group of Christian youths, Ekeocha said. Ekeocha said Muslim youths from nearby Nasarawa Gwom district confronted the Christian youths, triggering the clashes.

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