Thousands back Tulsa officer ordered to Muslim worship

I thought it was very clearly stated in US law that the government will have no compulsory religion.

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An update on these previous posts, via Thousands back Tulsa officer ordered to Muslim worship.

Tens of thousands of Americans are lining up in support of a police officer in Tulsa, Okla., who was punished for refusing his department’s order to attend an “Islamic proselytizing event” even as a legal team representing the captain is petitioning the court to add new allegations of misbehavior by his superiors to a lawsuit over the dispute.

WND reported earlier when a legal action was brought by attorneys with the Thomas More Law Center on behalf of Paul Fields.

Chief Charles Jordan

Named as defendants are the city, police chief Charles W. Jordan and deputy chief Alvin Daryl Webster.

The lawsuit focuses on the officer’s constitutional and civil rights, and along with a resolution of Fields’ concerns, it seeks an injunction preventing “enforcement of defendants’ unconstitutional acts, policies, practices, procedures and/or customs.”

At issue were orders by the department that Fields participate in an event at a local Islamic center that has been described as a proselytizing campaign. The Tulsa Police Department had told officers to attend a “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” organized by the Islamic Society of Tulsa. The invitation said the officers would be given tours of the mosque, meet the mosque’s leadership, be given presentations of “beliefs, human rights, women” and “watch the 2-2:45 weekly congregational prayer service.”

Meanwhile, a legal team working on Fields’ behalf, the attorneys of the Thomas More Law Center, told WND they are seeking court permission to amend their original complaint over the city’s actions to include the specific damages that have accumulated.

The damages include two weeks of being suspended from pay for his refusal to attend the Islamic event and the threat that he will not be considered for promotion for a time, according to Law Center president Richard Thompson.

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2 Replies to “Thousands back Tulsa officer ordered to Muslim worship”

  1. What explains the elite and their love affair with islam. It is everywhere in books, the media and government. We are meant to love the desert inbred savages and their ways more than our own ways and beliefs. Who can explain this madness.

  2. Maybe the elite live a dual life just like moslems. For example wealthy liberals send their kids to lily white fee paying schools and get the best tax law consultants to make sure they never pay a dime extra to the government but when it comes to Islam they want to show they are not racist. They never convert to islam but will use the muzzies for votes and cynically apply the racist word to anyone who opposes them. The Muzzies also live a dual life. They escape their hell holes from the third world and come to the first world. They love the life and benefits here and hate the people providing them. Just like the liberals they want to cynically use the system of system of name calling (your are a racist!) to get their way and when a liberal meets a muzzie it is a meeting of mind as regards modus operandi. One face for the public and one face for the private world. It is a meeting and love affair of hypocrites who use the race cared to forward their agenda. The lefties and muzzies are the biggest race baiters in our society. We must stand up to them and their tactics. Never be afraid of being called racist or you give in to their modus operandi. Once the shock has settled you can then calmly explain what you think and expose their racism and hypocrisy. Indeed muzzies and liberals are the power brokers of our time. Power plays in a new garb twisted from its older face and yet much more deadly as such devious ways infuse the culture of the entire western world and its fringes like Norway, Ireland etc. I think the key component then is to isolate the similarities in the Leftie and Muzzie ways of doing things and see how they relate to each other. Another element is of course the attack on free speech. Neither want that and they always try to shut down any free speech that they disapprove of by any means necessary including of course violence.

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