It’s OK to Kill Gays Once Sharia Implemented Says Local Muslim Crazy Person Jawed Anwar

Once again, from Blazing Cat Fur. The people that broke the story on the Toronto Mosqueteria which has caught fire in the MSM. At last.

Our good friend Jawed Anwar of  “” never fails to surprise. Here’s his latest contribution to our multicultural mosaic of diversity. Once Sharia is implemented offing them Gays will be A OK!

Journey of Faith Conference: Zakir Naik to Bilal Philips

“Here Mr. Bilal Philips is suggesting a law for the future Islamic governments who will decide to implement Islamic law in their countries. Although, there is no clear-cut verse in Qur’an that categorically suggests killing of homosexuals, sayings of Prophet Muhammad suggests three types of sentences, and among that one is death. Bilal Philips is suggesting, based on his opinion on the Qur’anic/Prophetic principles of society. He is not advising the Islamic judiciary to kill any gay person they found, but what he is “suggesting” is judicial punishment of death sentence for those who confess or are seen “performing homosexual acts” by “four reliable witnesses without any doubt.”

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