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One Reply to “SUN TV on the Mosqueteria”

  1. mcGuinty is a sniveling little pimple, and agar has a very low forehead,
    But I wonder how they would feel if they were forced to sit behind all the women in their religious gatherings?
    the despots charter and ontarios ignorant will pave the way for appeasing multicultural religious tolerance to swallow them from the inside out….hopefully there will remain enough rednecks in the prairies to keep the balance, but it looks bad…within the infrastructure are all sorts of braindead already programmed….
    Talking about this issue in several venues and shops yesterday, one little 18 or 19 year old stated that she didn’t see anything wrong with girls sitting at the back in the mosques, or not being allowed in because they were having their periods, afterall, she was unable to make this type of connection, that this was gender apartheid, she was a product of the Alberta Education system and that is what is very very scary for all women in this nation. And there is still lots of this bullshite that is part of the christian and catholic cults as well..The subtle programming that occurs within the infrastructure which results in very few critical thinkers and many appeasers of the over tolerant multi-culti ‘status quo’ …

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