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3 Replies to “Ezra Levant on, and in, Islamic women’s clothing”

  1. Ezra Levant’s show is always interesting, and he is one of the few personalities on SNN who understands what militant Islam is all about: nasty stuff, really nasty stuff!
    Another host on the Sun News Network, Charles Adler, on the other hand,is totally clueless about Moslems and their beliefs. He is convinced that Islam is a religion, instead of the Fascist Ideology that it really is. Maybe Levant should come to the aid of Adler, and enlighten him. It is heartwrenching to see poor Charles groping for answers, but getting nowhere…

  2. @ rh: forget about the “militant”, it’s simply islam. i like that show, want s.th. similar in europe, too :/

  3. Ezra is as Ezra does. Such a bright young man. So brave and great he has this program. Charles Adler did not cover the school issue very well, with all his bla bla ads on the program about how he gets his facts right, he allowed that cracked imam to lie about the school population.
    Yes, Ezra does a wonderful job and he also mentioned the elections canada crackpots too, those idiots that could have but didn’t mandate uncovered faces for voting and hence the cat mask video you mad for me Vlad, here is the link, I sent it along with a letter of concern to all relevant members of parliament, and stated that if someone, anyone, a senior like me who could make a mockery of our voting system, then something was gravely amiss.
    Steven Blanney MP from Quebec had a bill on the table which dealt with this issue and stated no covered faces etc, and bla bla bla, but of course it was shelved when parliament disolved for the election. Now he is a Minister of whatever, and who knows who will bring a new bill forward, if anyone, it takes courage and very few MP.s have this kind of courage as well as insight into the importance of such a law.
    Also, Ezra has on regularly the two of the greatest women in this war against islam, Kathy and Pamela, yet to see Brigette, but he’ll get to her yet.

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