If he was in Saudi Arabia, he, Ghadaffi, the man of a thousand spellings, would be executed for witchcraft. Let’s hope he goes for a visit.


(ANSAmed) – ROME – Black magic and African shamans are the latest weapon that Gaddafi has made recourse to in order to extend the life of his regime. Shamans and witches from Mali, Mauritania, Gambia, Morocco and Nigeria have the main task of repelling the rebels, who are moving in ever closer to his stronghold in Tripoli. Gaddafi has urged the most famous shamans to help him defeat the rebels, according to the colonel and pilot Saleh Al Ubaidi, who has recently gone over to the side of the rebels and who was quoted by the daily paper Asharq Al Awsat. The pilot said that the shamans send their ”priests” onto the battle field with magic talismans in the hope of preserving soldiers’ loyalty. ”After the February 17 revolution, shamans – claims Saleh Al Ubaidi – have been used by Colonel Gaddafi as a parallel intelligence agency.” Quoting a source very close to Gaddafi, the pilot said that the leader had requested help from a Gambian shaman, and the latter recited the text of a talisman over Gaddafi’s mantle to protect him from NATO and rebel attacks. Al Ubaidi added that Gaddafi always wears this mantle, even when in high temperatures. He went on to say that the leader also never takes off a silver ring made with the brains and bones of a hyena, which shamans believe has special powers. The ring was a gift to the Colonel from a Mauritanian shaman to instill fear and terror with whoever speaks to him. At the beginning of the February revolution, Libyan state TV had as a guest a Libyan witch doctor who threatened NATO, telling the leader that the righteous and jinns (supernatural creatures often of an evil nature) are fighting along his side. (ANSAmed).



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  1. The best shamans are from the Congo. They get special powers from eating the bodies or body parts of pygmies. I myself will not be aiding Gaddafi. I will be putting a special curse on all of that country to reduce them to poverty and thus disable their jihad against the good people of the world. I am good witchdoctor with a tendency to do the right thing.

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