Iran Threatens Turkey, Reveals Missile Silos

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Iranian regime-run site Entekhab reports:

According to sources close to the Iranian regime, who were interviewed by Al-Manar [Hezbollah affiliated TV run out of Lebanon], Iran’s resolve is as strong as a rock and defending Damascus is as much of a priority as defending Beirut and Tehran. … Tehran does not meddle in any of the events taking place in Syria.

Quoting the Iraqi daily newspaper Al-Akhbar, Entekhab wrote:

Tehran has threatened Turkey by announcing that Iran will bomb every single NATO and U.S. base in Turkey, should they allow any attacks on Syria to be launched from within Turkish soil. The Iranian regime believes protecting Syria to be as important as protecting both Lebanon and Iran.

Though Iranian regime officials have claimed that this threat has not affected Turkish-Iranian relations, there are reports that privately a number of Turkish officials are extremely incensed by the Iranian regime’s belligerence. So far, neither Iran nor Turkey has publicly commented on this matter.


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2 Replies to “Iran Threatens Turkey, Reveals Missile Silos”

  1. Iran wouldn’t dare attack Nato so openly. For all their whiney bitchery they have not attacked anyone with troops or weapons ever. They are fundamentally cowardly and only use cats paws, proxies and agents.

    They would only attack NATO targets in Turkey with Turkeys assent.

  2. I wish for once they would carry a threat out. They seem to be nation of rage boys without the ammo.

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