Muslims use cloning technology to cheat at camel racing


24 June , 16:36

(ANSAmed) – ROME – A generation of cloned camels is walking around in the United Arab Emirates desert, making the emirate of Dubai the first city in the world to clone camels. The UAE cloning three years ago, in 2009, when the first cloned camel was born. After this success, Dubai continued the project and a second camel was born last year. In 2011 the Dubai cloning centre produced eight camels by cloning. All animals are in good health and they will soon be ready to excel in international races, Al Arabiyya’s website reports. The experiments, the website specifies, are not limited to the reproduction of race camels only, but include camels held for milk. The centre is also trying to clone animals that are in danger of extinction and that are highly appreciated by the Arabs, like the Arab leopard, the Oryx (a gazelle species) and the Arab sheep. All these experiments, which are having great scientific results according to the people behind them, are carried out in a small specialised centre in the Dubai desert, where the Indian scientist Nassar Wani and three assistants are working. ”The first cloned camel was born two years ago: ”Injaz” (Conquest)”, explains Wani. ”This global success has gained us the respect of the scientific world”. A photo of Injaz has made it to the cover of the prestigious American scientific magazine “Biological reproduction”. ”The team of the sheep Molly has congratulated us. This appreciation is based on the fact that all previous attempts to clone these animals across the world have failed”, Wani added.

Injaz lives in a completely natural state, like all other camels born in the traditional way. ”Nobody has objected against the experiments that are carried out in our centre”, Wani specified. ”In fact, many scientists working in the sector at German, British, Japanese and American universities have shown their appreciation. The Dubain cloning centre has succeeded in cloning eight camels from eight animals that have won races in the emirates. We will receive ten more camels for cloning before the end of this year”. The centre, according to Al Arabiyya’s website, has opened its doors for all camel owners, national and overseas, who want to clone their best animals, both for racing and milk production.

The centre has plans to clone genetically modified camels for milk production, making it possible for the milk to contain substances that can be used to cure various diseases, like genetic and lung disease and diabetes. (ANSAmed)

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