Mamdouh Habib on the Carnita Matthews case

Remember this story from Australia? The Muslim woman that accused a police officer of racism, was convicted of knowingly filing a false claim then acquitted on appeal?

Listen to the Oz radio interview below with the man who brought her to the police station to file the declaration. Make sure you are not holding anything fragile though.

20110621-cs1-mamdouhhabib - Australian interview Habib     

Thanks to a commenter, here is a link for a radio interview the next day with Carnita’s son, who attempts to clear the record. He, despite being ferociously vague, does conceed that she was not being honest when she accused the police officer of racism.

You will have to look for, ‘Carnita Matthew’s son speaks out’ as I can’t find a direct link to the show.


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6 Replies to “Mamdouh Habib on the Carnita Matthews case”

  1. Yes, this is a travesty. But what about this country, what an f-n joke.
    We too have been bamboozled by the extremist religious fanatics. While we were sleeping, the religious lunatic Sikhs bullied Canadians into changing Canadian traditional dress and opened the gates to allow them to run amuck, bringing their backward religious costumes including weapons into schools, the public sector and how into the hallowed halls of government. Guess who is a main supporter of the muslims rights to do the same thing, wear hijabs in the sports arenas, (next step burkhas) and spit our way of life. I am sickened everytime I see the PM on tv from the House of Commons, that I must also see that cracked religious fanatic in his antiquated religious halloween costume, sitting right behind the PM. Are they his friends, who have never been convicted for blowing up and killing over 300 Canadians on Air India who are now sueing former MP’s as well as journalists for some trumped up charges. Why doesn’t anyone ever ask these backward crackpots to come into the 21st century. What kind of political bullshite is behind this representative of yester-year being brought into our government as what???? a Minister??? and the guy who brought forward a bill to ban face coverings is now a Minister, so what will happen with that bill???? I hate everything that these sihks stand for with their sickening greasy long hair which likely stinks to high heaven wrapped in their traditional dress head rags. Oh, and does this backward religious crackpot carry his weapon with him in the House of Parliament? There are many sikhs in this country who live in the 21st century and do not have to play dress up and these are the ones we must be supporting, now the backward zealots who are big supporters of the hijab, now, burkha later, islamics and their institutionalized degredation of women.

  2. Unreal. This fool has basically just let the cat out of the bag in his ill considered rant and accusations. The whole acquital hinges on there being a lack of certainty about who was under the veil. Central to his story is the fact that he says he took Carnita Matthews.

    What happened then? Was she there right up until the signing of the statutory declaration then a switch with some kind of stunt double at the point of signing to cast doubt on any subsequent charges against her?

    Unfortunately the legal Shrodingers cat defence of it was her and wasn’t her at exactly the same time is a busted flush. If it is allowed to stand that there was doubt it was her who signed it, why were they willing to presume it was her for the purposes of investigating the officer in the first place.

  3. This is priceless: The, ‘Shrodingers cat defence’. This needs to catch on. We need to nip this one in the bud before every Muslim uses it to get away with any attempt to subvert our democracies in every way they can think of.

    I still feel a ban on burkas is absurd though. More freedom is the answer, not less. The freedom to refuse service to someone in a burka, or admission for example. And no burkas should be allowed in any situation where ID is necessary. This would include government buildings and driving a car. But they should be allowed to wear a burka on private property where permitted by the owner.

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