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4 Replies to “Israel’s shale-oil a game changer?”

  1. Defending it by force of arms could become necessary quite soon. The surrounding Muslim states have nothing but oil — and Israel, with its far better educated populace and far higher technological base, could wind up underselling them on the world market sooner than we think.

  2. Great stuff. Best news I have all day and I have had stock rising news! Things are looking good for Israel. May they prosper and educate the people around them in a whole new way of doing things. Oil from Isreal instead of from Saudi which is running out of oil. Its fields are past the peak levels. So things could get very interesting.

  3. The process of getting the oil from shale is called fraking, you pump some mixture of liquids down the well under pressure, this fractures the rock so the oil can seep out. There are also large deposits of oil shale in the US and the usual suspects are working hard to see that we never pump one barrel.

    Defending the oil by force of arms is probably coming soon (I think this summer but it could be next year) and the last I heard Israel is thinking it will be a minimum of a two month war. This will probably be the beginning of a war that will spread around the world.

    Muslimess Negroess check out the theory of abiotic oil, under this theory (my contacts in the oil industry say there is a lot of evidence to support it) the oil is made by a chemical process deep in the curst and is slowly seeping towards the surface. Remember this theory has as much evidence supporting it as does the idea of fossil fuel.

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