Burka Biatch out on bail. More to come on this one…

There will be a lot out today on Australia and the wonderful influence of Islam there. Lets begin with an update on the Oz-convert who was stopped by police for some routine infraction and formally accused the officer of racism, as she did not know he was recording the entire issue from his car-camera.

Now she has won an appeal and is out of jail for the false accusation because the judge agreed he could not be sure it was her, as of course, she was wearing a burka. Subsequent to all this, one of her own has sworn that it was indeed her. The police are appealing. More on her, him and his son a little later today.

Below the update and the original news clip:

Then we have a story which is eerily similar to the one above. This time, a friend of hers and his son are involved:

Notice anything familiar about the man?

Turns out the screaming Harpy under the black tent really was her as her associate swears is the case:

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