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8 Replies to “Texas is looking better and better. Some people there actually believe in cultural self preservation”

  1. Some politicians are starting to find the courage to speak out against the attacks on Western Civilization. The question was a good one, if he has been in the US since 88 he should speak clear understandable English.

  2. This country is equally as disgusting as I learned while living in Toronto for 6 years. Working at various election polls over the years, municipal, provincial, federal, and doing the house to house registrations was quite an insight. Take a look at the nonsense that we provide so that people don’t have to learn the language. 10 to 15 languages, so they can all vote when they know nothing about any of the policies or people they are voting for, and all the interpretations, all printed out so that immigrants never have to be pressured to learn English. People who have lived in the country for decades, never bothering to learn. The multi-culti focus has damaged the rights of these individuals to integrate and become fully functioning Canadians. These well meaning left leaning tentacles of the past governments have strangled entire generations of immigrants through their backward based policies of over tolerance toward newcomers. It is the responsiblity of our government to make it mandatory that all immigrants and refugees learn English, before Citizenship, before immigration, to know the language before entering, INCLUDING ALL THE DOZENS OF AGING FAMILY MEMBERS THAT COME IN, NEVER LEARNING THE LANGUAGE, AND YET IN 10 YEARS COLLECTING THE OLD AGE PENSIONS, HAVING ACCESS TO ALL THE HEALTH BENEFITS, WHILE, people who have lived here and have worked their entire lives, must be chastised for wanting health care, and used as an excuse for bringing in more immigrants to pay for their old age cost burden on the society. Meanwhile, 100 jobs, 1000 people syndrom. Most immigrants I know work at shitty jobs, making crap wages, and further more have absolutely no benefits, while struggling to learn the language, but these are the decent ones, of which there are many. The ignorant ones being taken total advantage of by a system that uses them as the carbet baggers. Although, the other day while shopping, I met one of the so called skilled worker new immigrants, a lovely woman serving me, we got chatting and guess what, a new immigrant, single mom with two teens, and she came on the skilled worker program, so she told me. I wondered what skills were needed that allowed her to get her great mimimum wage job with no bennefits, working in a dress shop. Definately, skills needed here in Canada. Like how to raise two teens on a mimimum wage salary and provide and keep them out of trouble while she works dress shop hours….finished each night and home by, say 10pm.
    There are so many Mexicans living in the US, Spanish is almost an accepted second language

  3. Un-freaking-believable. The guy has the gall to continue speaking in spanish. I presume he is an American citizen, having been there since 1988! To my knowledge, the U.S.A is not a bilingual country – yet! Unfortunately, in Canada, we are a bilingual country, much to my sorrow and wasteful tax payers’ dollars to support this idiotic idiology. . . and I was raised as a francophone from QuĂ©bec.

  4. “Some politicians are starting to find the courage to speak out against the attacks on Western Civilization.”

    If you are talking about this guys insistance on speaking spanish, both Mexico and the Spanish Language are western and a part of western civilization. They still aren’t a part of American and Anglo Canadian civilization though.

    What is so funny is that after he insists on continueing in spanish his following statement is completely meaningless in any language.

    It was obviously some sort of trick to curry sympathy or shield himself from critical questions. Perhaps the senator who called him on it was trying to counter that tactic.

    I think the guy can speak english better then he is claiming. He may have even been intentionally trying to wind up the senators.

    Knowing what SB 9 is would help. Howerver there are several SB 9s and that will cause confusion. Someone has already confused the sb9 of this video with a bill thats about teachers. The purpose of this particular SB 9 (senate bill 9) is to “prevent Texas cities from directly or indirectly harboring illegal immigrants”. How it does that is enable law enforecement to check the citizen status of people in certain situations. It is not about police demanding to see the papers of random people on the street.

    The only people who will be affected by this are people who do not have legal documentation proving they have the legal right to be in this country.

    If they want to help illegal immagrants or people who come here to work then they should change laws about how they can get legal permission to be in the country, not assist them to break the law.

  5. The aspect of Western Civilization he is attacking is the idea that if you move to a new country you are suppose to learn the language and culture and fit into the new nation. Yes Spain and Mexico are part of the Western Culture but they joined the leftist attacks on it early with their stage managed elections of left wing leaders who ruled more or less as dictators.

  6. Richard the leftist have moved from the blacks who are now not the main minority. They have moved to the muzzzzies who number a few million (but backed up with petro dollar bribary and of course terrorism and the government’s appeasing) and the Mexicans who number over fourty million. The lefties have moved. The blacks face political suicide and the president is now courting the Irish vote. Democracy only works in the context of a unified country which has one tribe but different opinions on how to run it. In a multitiribe situation you have the tribalism of Africa but without the machetes. The left play them like an expert musician to get the votes to stay in power.

  7. Fuzzy Face Muzzie Man you are right up to a point, the problem with racial identity politics is that you run out of “minorities” to appeal to, especially when you start stabbing them in the back. I can remember when the Democrats always got 98% of the Jewish vote, now that number is below 80% and dropping fast. The Chicano bloc never was that solid and it is splintering away from the Dems, that leaves them with the far left, the blacks and the Moslems. The latter three have always been solid Dem and still are but the independents who swing every election are what are making up the TEA parties. This is what the Dems hope that no one realizes, they are losing the independent voters who are voting in countries best interest rather then their own short term interest.

    The harsh reality of the next election is that Obama is going to have a hard time carrying any state, and the Republicans will probably win a large enough majority in Congress that it won’t matter who the President is the Republicans will be able to over ride any veto and set a conservative agenda.

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