Pat Condell: Islamic cultural terrorism

I would suggest to the UK authorities that they listen to, and implement the classically liberal and reasonable not to mention peaceful and sustainable ideas of Pat Condell immediately. The consequence of not listening to reason when you can because its awkward for you, will lead to what it always does. Perhaps an older voice from the 60s might help to predict the direction things might take.

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  1. I arrived with my parents into the UK four years before this speech. I was eight when this classic speech by Powell was made. In the years growing up I noticed that Powell was a pariah figure, and yet he was the most intelligent man of his time. Why was a darkling like allowed into the country at all? I certainly think that was wrong but I had no part in it myself since I was a child. I am as much a part of the social engineering of the new britain as Powell was against it. We stand at opposite sides and yet we are all in the same froth. What madness made the ruling classes of Britain engage in this incredible act of stupidity. I wonder who these shadowy people who made the key decisions were. Who are these social engineers? We know of the good doctor Powell who warned against it but know nothing of the social engineers whose policy he speaks against. These social engineers who did so much to damage britain are known only to the serious political historian of that time. Perhaps someone could shed light on these exact people.

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