Video of arrest of Vlaams Belang for symbolically changing a street sign

Here is the classically liberal Belgium separatist party being arrested. Details a few posts down. AFP like all the media, insist on calling Vlaams Belang, “Far Right Wing’. I would love to know what the criteria for that is, or for that matter what it even means beyond an attempt to besmirch them.

On the other hand, I think I can define fascism. That would be when the state crushes any opposing view to the one held by the powerful, by using instruments of the state out of all proportion to the activity which challenges them and the views they enforce. One example might be having people handcuffed and arrested and taken away in full view of mass media who merely did a publicity stunt with a non permanent sign on the side of a building when nothing was damaged and no one was harmed in any way. I think that might qualify as ‘fascist’. Now, how are we defining ‘far right’ again?


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  1. Eeyore I agree with you, the actions of the police were fascist, but then most of the actions of the people who scream they are anti-fascist are fascist.

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