It is undeniable that the the jihad has nothing to do with poverty and lack of job opportunities, and everything to do with Islam feeling uppity at the present time, that this is their moment. That is why any focus on confronting the jihad through “community building” is destined for failure. Just saying. KGS

Universities: The breeding grounds of terror

The evidence that British student campuses have become hotbeds of Islamist radicalisation is overwhelming, says Anthony Glees. It is time to get tough on those who refuse to believe it.

Theresa May’s message to our vice-chancellors, in her comments to this newspaper yesterday, was crystal clear: it’s time for them – at long, long last – to get a grip on student extremism. The shameful record of complacency towards Islamist radicalisation on Britain’s campuses will no longer wash. But are our universities listening, let alone getting ready to act? I fear not.

For one thing, politicians have said this before. In his first major speech on security and radicalisation, in February this year, David Cameron underscored the dismal truth that many of those found guilty of terrorist offences have been British graduates. “We must stop extremists recruiting in publicly funded institutions like universities,” he said. Two months ago, he made the same point, when he said that not enough was being done to “deradicalise” our universities.

In the same month, Baroness Neville-Jones, the recently departed security minister, said much the same thing. Britain, she confirmed, still faces a serious security threat from Islamist radicalisation – and universities are one of the main recruiting grounds. In fact, she said, they are a greater source of danger than radical mosques.

So here are the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary and the then security minister all speaking with one voice – along with the previous government, and indeed the widely respected all-party Homeland Security Group. But there are none so deaf as those who refuse to hear. Just a few days ago, Nicola Dandridge, the head of Universities UK, told The Daily Telegraph that there was “no evidence” to link student radicals with violent extremism. She even claims that MI5 and the police back up her assertions.

No evidence? Within a couple of years of leaving Leeds Metropolitan University, Mohammad Sidique Khan, the leader of the group responsible for the July 7 bombings, began training for terror. Since then, virtually every major British terrorist attack has been led by students or graduates. The list of universities they came from makes horrifying reading: Leicester, Luton, Brighton, Glasgow Metropolitan, UCL, the LSE, the University of Westminster, Brunel and others.

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  1. The learning curve is so slow for these people. But they are getting there. Eventually even politicians will get tired of the religion of peace mantra. People are even beginning to yawn at the “you are a racist, nazi, fascist etc” from the lefties. These things have a shelf life. We are moving into interesting times.

  2. The central focus of the muzzies is their black cube or black Kaaba. I believe Kaaba means cube. Nuke the black cube and the black cube worshipers will turn to where. With nowhere to turn they can not turn towards the black cube and perform their prayers in that direction. They will then realise God is everywhere. They will evolve. At the moment they think he lives in the cube. What blasphemy! No wonder the real God is so angry at the muzzies and humiliates them all the time. There is also a twelve mile area around the black cube that no noble kuffar can go near. That needs to become a pig farm.

  3. The university and college campuses here in Canada are in great peril. Last time I did a walk around, in Toronto, Vancouver, and here in the prairies, it made me sick to my stomach to see so many women with their heads covered. Groups like Israeli Apartheid, holding shop in the Education buildings, posters all around the student buildings, inviting people to ‘understand islam’, jews on many campuses like york in toronto being openly harassed,
    Everywhere I go, I see women with their heads covered, here in Canada, what the fu
    is wrong with this picture? As a woman who struggled for decades among many to establish equality in our nation for women, gays, and basically everyone, including all races of new Canadian, when I see Sunday going to church hat wearers, I can smile, and just know they have these rights, to their stupid beliefs, but there is something qualitatively different about this islamic head covering crap, or is there? Maybe?
    Yes?, All I know is my many experiences trying to head but these baffons, if I don’t get into an elevator in my building with someone wearing a hat and stinking of cheap perfume, they don’t rush down to the manager and scream and yell about their rights being insulted, their puppet pedophile prophet being insulted, and in great bravado demand action be taken, and pretend they will complain to an iranian embassy that doesnt exist in Canada, just a consulate.
    It is likely this guy and his two head covered women wearing their cheap perfume or insense are at the University here, maybe teaching courses, or perhaps spending time at mosques and meetings, working to establish how to make their presense known, establish their values, invade this society from within.
    Everywhere I go, can’t shop anywhere without seeing women working wearing hijabs.
    I get into my car and scream.

  4. Morticia that is a very fraught situation mentally. I know I have the same feeling but I have them with a different emotional feeling. Most the women who wear these outfits in my area are the poor Bangladeshis. I just feel sorry for them. Bangladeshis in general here in the UK are bottom of the tree educationally and economically; so what more is there to do than to do what comes naturally to a slave of the arabs who loves to be a slave. So my sadness overwhelms me and I leave it at. Then I realise my sadness is of no use to anyone and I just leave things at that point. I think of other things.

  5. If those bangladeshis can afford to settle in a western country or enrich themselves in another country and neglect their own country, that means they are not really poor by any standard, but perhaps dangerous and most probably pose a threat with their creeping islamic outfit imposition and nasty intimidating islamic culture.

  6. The universities were the breeding grounds for the left wing terror groups of the 60s and 70s, now those terrorists are teaching in the US universities, they are working in concert with the Moslem student groups and the radical left student groups to create new terror groups to create a civil war in all western nations. The left thinks they will win the wars and institute their dream of a one world socialist government that will enslave all of humanity.

  7. Their islamic culture is such that their attending universities tend to make them behaved in a more superior and more arrogant manner towards us nonbelievers who did not have the opportunity to attend any university.
    Perhaps that is why those moslems university students tend to be more hostile, more arrogant and more radical upon entering a university.

  8. I think the old idea that poverty breeds terrorism is just plain false. The terrorist tend to be educated and arrogant militant types. Attah and Bin laden come to mind. Poverty is good way to bring about peace from the muzzie. Returning to Bangladesh the poverty of that nation is well known. It is not well know that in comparison to the poverty of the previous decades Bangladesh has improved economically by making textile garments and exporting its labour and the resultant foreign exchange from places like the UK helps the balance of payments of that country. There was a time when people used to even work for food. During that time there was no terrorism at all. Now there is the usual Muslim claptrap about rights and killing the infidel and taking over the world for Allah. From Bangladesh one of the poorest countries in the world! My understanding is this: poverty is the solution to the problem of islam. Wealth and eduaction empower the virus to go into a multiplication of memes with attitude.The passivity and hopelessness is now gone and the muzzie is a confident creature even in Bangladesh. So poverty is the way forward. The muzzie Bangladeshies I see in my area are pretty much in this hopeless illiterate category. They are almost like cats except not as pretty. Pets of the welfare state. So since I know that I am happy that they are poor as wealth would make them go ballistic for Allah. They are no problem at all. They have done no harm at all except of course the bleeding of the welfare state but that is the job that the state gave itself as the guardian of these illiterate unemployed people it imported from half around the world. That is not their fault. It is the fault of the Western Government in charge of this Brave New World. On a wider front as the world moves towards gas as opposed to petrol we will see that Russia, China, Australia and the US will lead the world in the production of gas. This will crush the petro dollar situation with regards to Jihad. The financial bleeding of the muzzie is the way to defeat islam. I have certainly lost hope in renewables and am now pinning my hopes on gas. I recently met a Polish gentleman who changed his car over to gas from petrol and he was so happy with the savings he made on the energy bill for his car. The higher the oil price the more the final bullet of poverty is going to hit the petro dollar jihad. Things are not so grim as people think. The rise of China is a blessing as it means a strong horse that will take no pc/mc claptrap from the muzzies. The infidel world gets richer by the day and the muzzie world gets poorer. Even little poland not so long ago had a smaller gdp than saudi. The other day I checked it was higher than saudi by good way. The future poverty of the muzzie is the way forward. Plus lots of war. That is inevitable whenever the final defeat of the muzzie is needed. They will be tame as cats when they are waiting in line for bread. No crude, no money, no food. It is a desert out there. Welcome to the future. The starving muzzie in the desert.

  9. uzbek animal rights the only terrorists who are poor are the ones that are sent into Israel, and most of them come from middle class families, the ranks of terrorists of all types are almost totally filled with middle class and lower upper class kids.

  10. I agree Richard. You know that the leaders never send their own sons however. Notice none of Bin Ladens sons were involved in Jihad. The pallys are wealthy by the standards of the world as a whole. They have a comparable life span to that of the mighty and wonderful city of Glasgow here in the wonderful UK. They even have have two shopping malls for the tiny area of Gaza and of course the wonderful restaurant the Roots club with sixteen pages of menu and for a fun time after all that shopping and lunching a water theme park to lose oneself in the madness of the fun rides. Gaza and the pallys are rich enough to have loads of terrorism for ever. Chad however, is another matter. Plenty of muzzies there but no terrorism. Why? Starving desert muzzies have other thing on their mind like basic cheap food. Chad is a good model of what we want the muzzies to be like. Starving to death muzzies are an excellent result for the west. We need to just ignore them as we ignore chad. We never even think of this hell hole full of muzzies. Why? They are starving dirt poor muzzzis. Give them a few more meals and they start the jihad. Jihad needs halal food. Give jihad no food and the energy is just not there for jihad. One of the great things about the muzzies is they live in the desert. They have no water. They have no food. They have oil and that will not last forever. It will be replaced by gas and renewables within the lifetime of some of the younger posters. The lack of food, water and money will bring the desired result. The chaddification of the brown desert muzzies into the world’s most poor docile hungry people.

  11. I think it is horrible to read about the quite obvious horrible reality of universities being the breeding ground for terror groups.
    Perhaps, that is why those moslems government are so fond of sending their own moslems community to university on scholarships, giving their own moslems community so much preferential treatment or freebies and those moslems who decided to continously impose their unwanted presence in the west after their university education, would most probably selfishly enrich themselves, or become a burden or cause terror.
    Those who are seriously interested in educationg themselves should fund their own studies and should stop depending on the states or any government or charity for their university studies. This would restrict financial benefits to any potential terror groups and prevent creation of terror groups in universities.

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