New Al Queda video

Thanks to Mullah Catfur for this, but really, why the Men in Black clips? (I have been informed by multiple sources this is not ‘Men in Black’ but is from Enemy of the State. Thanks P Nach and Tundra T.)

I do like the Koran quote at 8:34. Islam has a god that feels the need to plot against its own creation.

Here is the link to a working version of the video

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9 Replies to “New Al Queda video”

  1. You Tube pulled it.

    Islam has a god that, even if real, deserves scorn instead of worship.

    On the off chance that he’s real, I will spit in his face as he puts me in hell.

    No real man could do otherwise.



  2. It is good to see some diversity in the brown muzzie ranks of jihad. A white muzzie is a start. Now how about some negro diversity. I propose we negrofy the brown muzzie countries. Not with black muzzies but the african native kind and the american rapping kind. A negrofied muzzie world would be a good payment by the negro population for all slavery they had to endure from the brown muzzies over the years. Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iran are good places to start a negro invasion. America has a large negro and mestizo population of about 70 million combined. Come on guys help the US forces in bringing some diversity to these places I have just mentioned. A whole new area fresh for the taking. The mestizos can put their conquest of the US on whole while they carve out a new empire with the help of the US military. With negro and mestizo ghettos popping up all over the land of the brown muzzie the world would be a lot more diverse and interesting (speaking from a PC/MC point of view for once).

  3. Let us not forget the mighty American Farmer. A handful of white farmers could transform the scared fertile land and instead of producing heroin produce wheat, maize etc.

  4. We have been in Afghanistan for ten years. It is about time they were given the benefit of diversity. Not so long ago there were even hindu and sikh temples in that part of the world. Only a few years ago did the last few diehards move back to india. We could of course ask them to come back and bring a few jewish brothers with them! You know the jewish community of Mumbai that were attacked in the Mumbai jihad. We could ask the chinese to send a few Buddhist and Taoist priest also. Diversity, if it good for us.,as the lefties tell us why not for the muzzies. They could do with some diversity in the Gaza area and the West Bank too. People if they are invading us we need to invade them and give them some of the old witch doctor potions, chanting hare krishnas and mormons in suits teaching the word! Diversity now why would a leftie disagree with that. If it good for us then let the muzzies their favourite people experience it too.

  5. I could set up a ghetto with just my kids but I am in prison at the moment. I will give it some thought as soon as I am out.

  6. What I am saying people is we need this diversification strategy and it would effectively destroy them, the brown muzzies forever. With china, india and america leading the way it would happen so quickly. Even gay bars could exist in Tehran. A mormon temple would go up in Kabul! The sky is the limit!

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