‘Go peddle crazy some place else. We are all stocked up here’

Here is a wonderful example of how spoiled, selfish, stupid and frankly full of shit Canadian youth are. She should be in jail. She has abused her position to peddle nonsense. She is within her rights to peddle nonsense but not how she did it. Thanks to Tundra Tabloids for this amazing clip.

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21 Replies to “‘Go peddle crazy some place else. We are all stocked up here’”

  1. maybe she can get a job at the CBC. They need people short on brains and long on pap there. Seriously though, how long are we going to have to listen to poor losers singing the ’60 percent don’t support Harper’ song?

  2. “75% of Canadians don’t agree with Harper’s actions”. Really? What she’s really saying is that she does not accept the results of the election and feels entitled impose her views on everyone else who does.
    “We need an Arab Spring in Canada”. DePape calling for civil insurrection against a duly elected government!
    AND this whining spoiled idiot is still expecting someone to employ her!?! Just tell her “We’re all stocked up here”!

  3. We can’t really blame her. She is the product of our education system and lack of good parenting. Things will only get worst before they get better. Many of her ilks are being brainwashed in our high schools and university as we speak. Let’s just hope that Mr. Harper will have time to accomplished what he set out to do and hopefully start turning the foolish tides of liberalism.

  4. Programmed little rabbit, she pauses, gestulates, intensifies the eyes, has the same inflections in her speech, as most of the leftard bureaucrats and immigration nics that I have been around, they all emmulate each other,,,hopefully she gets to a deprogramming center soon

  5. None of those ideas are her own. She’s been indoctrinated. It’s so clear to us, but not to her because she has next to no life experience in the real world. One of these days let’s hope she’ll have to work for a living, and live on her salary. Then, hopefully, she’ll finally start thinking for herself. Till then, let’s hope she doesn’t ruin her chances for success by perpetrating more of these harebrained escapades.

  6. I believe that PSAC, the Public Servants union for the federal government has actually offered this nutcase an actual job. One would hope that the union was apolitical. But of course it is not. It is loony lefty and anti-Israel and typically far left, commie-Islam. So of course they want this girl. And they pay of course with money they extort out of civil servants who have no choice in the matter.

  7. I thought it was pretty innocent and innocuous. She is just a young kid rather then a sinister ideologue. I do think someone put her up to it though. She just does not seem to be the decision making sort. And you can’t deny she is eating up the attention.

    She should have asked the egyptian women what they now think of the arab spring they fought for.

    That “canada needs an arab spring” statement tells me she has a middle eastern boyfriend who talked her into doing it.

  8. Another Stupid Little Shit that should be laughed off the premises instead of listened to.
    Ignore the Creature…She is a Nobody !

  9. I keep reading how she is just a ‘youngster’, a ‘youth’, a ‘kid’. At 21 DePape is not a kid, she’s a stupid adult with no understanding of her country’s heritage and history, it’s democratic process, it’s economy or world affairs.

  10. No, she is not a kid but she is still due to experience a real life. I just remember myself at that age or sometimes I’d rather not :). Let’s hope her 15 min of fame is up and we’ll never hear about her again. Sadly she is clearly a member of the political correct crowd. I would not be surprise to see her as a future NDP candidate :).

  11. In my opinion she is guilty of graft. Just because it wasn’t money she stole from a position of trust, but opportunity does not make it any less of a crime at least morally. She was granted a position of trust, and abused for her own purpose and against the purpose of those who hired her. Graft.

  12. Lets not be too harsh on her. She is just a spoilt child as she has been brought up in the cosy and tolerant home of the West.

  13. She comes across as vacuous. And her math is terrible. 40% voted Conservative that means 60% voted other not 75% as she claims. Although in some less civil countries it is possible to have 115% of the votes counted. If she studied politics as she claims she would have known that 40% is the generally accepted level of support needed to form a majority government. At about the 3:50 mark she claims she has studied the Harper agenda and finds them “concerning”. I am sure she meant disconcerting, but hey you get what you pay for at University these days.

  14. She is spreading very dangerous propaganda, and is very anti-freedom and democracy. Also like all leftist she thinks she is above the law, that the end justifise the means.

  15. Eeyore you do believe in using understatements don’t you? Those two are going to try and make a hero our of her, this is turning into a nightmare.

  16. What a twit . I quit listening to the CBC (CDN Pravda) many , many years ago ( not even worthy of the manure pile) . Long goal of leftard socialist education bears it’s fruit, I would not be surprised if the next election the NDP would get in since the majority of kids at school now have crap for brains ( my daughter’s high school did a vote and by a huge majority the NDP was the party of choice ) . Michael Moore into the fray ! That empty cotton- headed ninny muggins , hilarious ! Good material for the CBC > she might get hired by them !

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