Khamanei orders an acceleration of the Nuclear Program

From a Time to Betray:

Al Qanat/ Cairo, Egypt / 06-02-2011

Washington, DC – Correspondent
Iranian dissident Reza Kahili, former member of the IRGC (Pasdraran), who received political asylum in the United States, presented an emergency report (to the Intelligence Committee in Congress), based on secret information forwarded from inside Iran, that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, Ali Khamanei has issued orders to the specialized authorities to accelerate the practical production of the Iranian nuclear program.
The corespondant of al Qanat in Washington learned via a short phone conversation with Kahili that the acceleration of the Iranian nuclear program necessitate the production of tactical nuclear warheads likely before the end of this summer. It was also known that the Guide Khamenei ordered is to buy all what needs to be bought at any price to execute the acceleration of the project.Al Qanat

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