What really happened to Lara Logan?

Linked here is an article about the brutal sustained gang rape of CBS reporter Lara Logan. I tend to think that what this article claims is likely true. I agree that CBS is complicit in a kind of crime of silence or distortion of the facts. This article makes the claim that CBS shows a double standard when it comes to their own reporter and compares it to the shooting of the US democratic house member some months back and I agree. But CBS could have said something like…

‘Lara Logan is entitled to, and asked that some of the details and horror of this story not be told’

as opposed to telling a story that was untrue by omission.

In any case, this is worth a read.



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  1. The author of that blog post called the mahound-emulating pigs “animals”, and that is just plain wrong. Most animals have a much better sense of right and wrong than those monsters, as the way they care for their young versus this and this proves.

  2. The only problem with this is how do you know the Arabs aren’t lying? Its to their “advantage” to exaggerate whatever was done. The more things done to her, the more victorious they will feel. Then again if they have videos to back it all up…

  3. What happened to Lara Logan was not gang rape. It was much worse and more in the nature of “crowd” rape.

    One of the characteristics of any society, except a primitive tribal society, is that generally, a woman is safe in a crowd. A crowd is made up of all sorts of people, and most of them are decent and civilised – particularly so of a crowd supposedly protesting for freedom and democracy. So if a woman is seriously molested, she can start screaming (which is what Lara Logan did). The natural instinct of men would then impel them to come to the aid of the woman. This is the situation in virtually all parts of the world. Gang rape OTH, is conducted by a gang who share the same uncivilised values, and they conduct the gang rape away from a crowd, or else they would be beaten senseless. Gang rapists know that they are operating not just outside the law but outside the norm of the society they are in.

    In Egypt something else happened. Lara Logan was in a crowd, so she naturally assumed that she was safe. What she didnt realise is that Muslims have a different view of women and their place in society. Arab Muslims are also a tribe, and they share the same values as regards women. A woman who is not of their tribe then automatically becomes prey to their aggression. Lara Logan’s screams in such a crowd, far from rescuing her, only led to the crowd getting even more excited. The rapists knew that unlike gang rapists elsewhere, the crowd shared their values. This behaviour is one of a primitive tribe when it comes into contact with an unprotected woman of another tribe.

    This act reflects not the nature of a gang in Egypt but the nature of a crowd i.e., normal Egyptian men.

  4. Yes the real facts needed to be reported. I have seen these types of frothing mad crowd rages in various parts of Africa. And I agree with the comments made by the observer that the screams promote more frothing and maddness. Scenes I have witnessed were curdling to my sensibilities> in once case, a mentally deformed person, being beaten and kicked, hit, stones thrown, by a group of school children, boys and girls, aged 6 to 16 or older.
    In another situation in a neighboring country, I jumped out of the car I was in, and was dragged back inside when I tried to stop a mob killing a mentally ill person, who then banged on the window of the car as I screamed at the mob from the other side of the car. Anyway, whether mentally ill, or deformed, or a woman, or a jew, these Wraith (flesh eating creatures from another galaxy) alot like the masses in most islamic countries, operate from lymbic areas that have not been programmed by socialization and genetic selection over decades.

  5. How good are the men in black at suppressing the video and stills of the attack! And we know that there were a lots of people with mobiles taking pictures by Lara’s own admission in her interview on CNN. I think that the assault must have been far worse than the official account portrays.

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