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4 Replies to “Consequences of immigration to Germany part II”

  1. Wow I loved the idea of immigrants making up for the damage they have done. This may shock you………. Only someone with a freethinking mind could have said what followed. Indeed it is so shocking no one up to now has even had that thought! A truly unique thought. A creative thought.

  2. I think he makes a lot of sense and his creative mind is something else. Whites were told it was for their economic betterment that auslanders as they call them in Deutch were invited into the country. But politicians never did get round to doing the math and saying what economic betterment meant in real terms or in the case of Germany economic parasitism on the part of the muzzies. The idea that the muzzies of Germany should pay back the damage they have done is startlingly original but would certainly be difficult to implement. Germans however, have done this themselves. They paid the Jews billions in reparations for the damage they did to Jewery in the Second world war and so this idea is something that they have done but in the context of the multicultural and politically correct world of today this idea is indeed amazingly unique.

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