Who are Salafis? What is ‘Salafi’ Islam?

A reader in a comment here asked about who and what Salafi Muslims are. I was reminded of a couple of really revealing clips I had on the now deleted vladtepesblogdotcom youtube channel that specifically exposed Salafi Islam in Europe and elsewhere.

I will re post them as I find them. The best one, was of a Dutch man who actually went undercover and joined a Salafi school in Holland for a year. His interview was really quite amazing. Meanwhile I will post the videos of Salafi as I find them here.

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2 Replies to “Who are Salafis? What is ‘Salafi’ Islam?”

  1. Thanks Eeyore, the video is very instructive and I find the soft jihad of the imam disturbing, it will draw a lot of young Moslems in to the Salafi camp and then push them into violent jihad. The man is despicable but he is smart, he knows how to use the media and our open society against us.

  2. They have no place in a western democracy. Which they also hate and want to destroy. Send them back to the desert cave they came from. We in western democrate countries must realize that we are in a war with Islam and the leftist. Don’t you think?

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