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3 Replies to “Canadian immigration policy simply not rational”

  1. 1.stop islamic immigration immediately
    2. change the agreement with the islamic UN, for fewer refugees, those from rural areas that have lived in poverty and squaller with belief systems that include witchcraft, no value for education and generally have suffered irre4versible damage from malnutrition , but are expected to integrate into a highly developed technological society, with help from people like the one Brian Lilly interviewed

  2. All nations have the right to control their borders and limit immigration into their nations, the left doesn’t want this because it limits the amount of damage they can do to our rights.

  3. Canada might want to adopt the idea of a “safe third country” from the EU: establish a list of “safe countries” (read: countries without war or dictatorship, regardless of economic conditions!) and stop processing claims from citizens of those countries right away.

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