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5 Replies to “Syria carries out slaughter of its own people.”

  1. Another one of those vids with the sounds of massive gunfire, where the blood of the victims of the “mass murder” is notoriously absent from the streets. People must be notoriously stoopid to think that people are this notoriously stoopid and gullible.

  2. In most armies there are between 100 to 1000 shots fired for every person hit, despite what the left wants us to think post soldiers in the west don’t aim at the enemy and from what I have heard from the people who have served in the Sandbox (Iraq) most Arabs are crappy shots.

    The worlds reaction to what is happening in Syria and in Iran are why these two revolutions will fail, despite what people have been taught most revolutions fail unless they have outside support. The only reason the American Revolution succeeded (You don’t find more people more patriotic them I am) was that France came in on our side and the Brits decided fighting them was more important then fighting us.

  3. apparently Syrian lives are worth less than their Libyan counterparts in the eyes of the West… no right to protect here – move along.. but in the same breath when i hear the protesters complain “why are they shooting us as if we are Israelis” – then perhaps we are right not to bother.. it betrays a sentiment that the protesters have no qualm about killing – just that it shouldn’t be them – how nice..

  4. The same sentiment has been heard all over the Middle east and the Islmic North African Magreb. People complain that they are being treated as Israelis should be when they are being massacred, or they are say9ing that the people doing the massacres are acting like Israelis.

    The fact that the Israelis never did these things is of course lost on them. We are seeing the end game of 40 years or more of massive Islamic education in these nations. If someone has a suggestion about how to preserve liberal western democracy without a massive world war, I would really like to hear it.

  5. The Syrian Government is already in Iran’s pocket, the politically correct leaders of the West won’t take any action against them unless or until the Moslem Brotherhood tells them to. Something that may happen soon since the Moslem Brotherhood is starting to move into Syria.

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