Video of some of the persecution and murder of Christians around the Islamic world today.

Some of this video is truly horrifying to watch. In the past few weeks, a number of really good, concerned people have sent me a clip of some people being burned to death, presumably for being gay by Arabic speakers. I have not posted it because there was no way to know if these people were being burned alive by Muslims, because they were gay or for any other reason. So I chose not to publish those videos until I find a reliable Arabic to English translator. This video shows a similar scene of burning of live people because they are Christian and I presume, the film maker has done due diligence.

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5 Replies to “Video of some of the persecution and murder of Christians around the Islamic world today.”

  1. I am a Judeo-Christian and know this type of monstrosities go on every single day. My sole comfort is the knowledge that those Christians being murdered by truly evil people will still live in eternity while those who can only destroy the flesh will live out eternity in continual and unimaginable torment. We only ask how much longer do we wait until the Day of the LORD comes? I believe we are inside ten years now. As you can see, Satan is alive and well on the planet Earth, therefore also is there our Heavenly Father. Therefore I can assure you all evil WILL be wiped from the face of the earth. The day of Judgement comes for all.

  2. Vlad, I’ve been stuyding Arabic, so far it’s not difficult at all, but lots & lots of grammar details, amazing language (love it), will be happy to volunteer my Arabic services in the not so distant future when I get much more vocabulary under my belt – will contact you.

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