“A non-Muslim should not rule over Muslims”: Egypt protests against Christian governor continue

From Jihad Watch. Please click over for the whole article.

I wrote here this morning that these protests are happening “because Islamic law forbids non-Muslims to hold authority over Muslims.” And now comes direct confirmation that this is exactly why Muslims are protesting in Qena.

Egypt to Confront Muslim Protests Against Christian Governor,” by Mariam Fam for Bloomberg, April 20:

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2 Replies to ““A non-Muslim should not rule over Muslims”: Egypt protests against Christian governor continue”

  1. As the PC politicians continue to refuse to fight for our culture and values these incidents will grow in number until they are occurring in Europe and the US,

  2. Of all the ways in which Mo the thug consolidated his power, this “law” is perhaps as effective as the one calling for death to critics and death to apostates.

    They all eliminate the need to think for oneself and follow the herd blindly.

    This propaganda has been part of the Muslim world for centuries and the brainwashing is practically in-bred into Muslims everywhere.

    That is why Muslims now living in the free world are doing everything short of open warfare to see that Muslims get elected, sharia law is enforced and Muslims get preferential treatment wherever they live and whatever they do.

    The problem is that it is working because the neo-left demands that all cultures be “respected”, all ideologies be treated as “equally valid” and all religions be seen as “steps to the divine” despite mountains of evidence proving the contrary.

    We need the Spirit of 1942 again, when western civilization was fighting for its survival in Europe, the Middle East and Asia against forces that were just as damaging to it as Islam has always been.

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