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4 Replies to “Donald Trump seems to have noticed Islam is a problem.”

  1. Donald Trump is not PC, he also isn’t Presidential material.

    Eeyore both his birth place and where and how his ideas were shaped are both important, I don’t know if Obama is a natural born citizen or not but that fact is important if the US is to remain a nation ruled by law rather then by men.

    Where and how his ideas were shaped is well known but is ignored, on the Discover the network website there is a brief bio of Obama. He was raised by his Grandparents, both card carrying communists. His father figure in Hawaii was Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying communist who was kept under FBI surveillance because of Pearl Harbor Naval Base. He admits and the people who remember him from collage say he hung round with the radical left professors and students.

    All of the above was known during the 2008 election and no one in the mainstream press or in the Republican Party had the guts to report on it.

    If I can get the page to load I will post the URL, searching Discover the Networks website there are other interesting files on Obama.

    Finally it loads.


  2. Why didn’t the very Left MSM report the negatives and questions about Obama? Because they did not want to jeopardize his chances of achieving high office. All his negatives were suppressed. Most important to me is the kind of Presidents our Founders wanted for our country: Presidents who had been imbued from birth with American values, that is, Natural Born citizens, born to 2 U.S. citizen parents, citizenship by parentage. Not a President who had a divided loyalty, as Obama has to Kenya, the land of his Father. George Romney was vetted by Congress and found eligible to run for President because, although born in Mexico, he was born to two U.S. citizen parents, therefore Natural Born, as prescribed in the Constitution.

  3. You are right Paula, and way too many intelligent people are ignoring this issue because of the damage it might do to their reputati0os. Trump is about the only person mentioning a lot of these things (although the far left is now questioning Obamas not releasing the long form) as I said in my original comment he isn’t PC, but he isn’t Presidential either.

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