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6 Replies to “An interesting video of what happens when you ask a question about Islam”

  1. As I have stated many times one can never discuss, debate, or even question anything in the Koran or any interpretation of the so-called teachings of the prophet, they the followers of these teachings are always right. As seen first hand any challenge to their authority or position is quickly stifled, and labeled as religious bigotry or Islamaphobia.

  2. And the useful idiots wonder why people are fighting so hard to pass laws forbidding Sharia law in the US. Welcome to the future if we don’t fight real hard.

  3. Most of us Americans are quite pleased with the Constitution of the USA, and our state, county, and local ordinances . There is no need for any other system of laws. If the ‘faithful followers of the teachings of the prophet’ want and hunger for Sharia Law might I suggest that they migrate to any one of these ‘Islamaic Paradises’ where they can benefit from the edicts of the Imams and the’ supervision’ of the religious police. Just be mindful that there is no need for Habeas Corpus or Due Process in an Islamic country.

  4. I agree, but way too many are willing to tolerate intolerance so they can show “compassion” for the Third World.

  5. “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.” Thomas Mann.

    He was right on the mark. When you tolerate that people cannot criticize anything that the Muslim world has created, especially the damned pack of lies that they worship as a god, then you are most assuredly tolerating evil and committing a crime.

    Where is the ancient ideal, born out of Greece, that you can question authority? Even the philosophers had that ability.

    This is the foundation of freedom and the west had better not forget it in the wake of Muslim atrocities. To do so is to give up and submit.

  6. All we can do is fight as hard and as well as we know how, what we are doing on this blog is as important to the future as the men and women who are going into harms way to protect us.

    Always remember that the founders of the US pledged their lives, their fortunes ad their sacred honor to the cause, some lost their lives, many more lost their fortunes but none lost their honor. Can we do any less?

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