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5 Replies to “Iranians in Sweden after attack on Camp Ashraf – 9 april 2011”

  1. THE MEK are poisonous leftist Jihadists. DON’T fall for it. They are WELL versed in propaganda (as is obvious from this video) AND they are killers who used chemical weapons on Iranians during the Iran Iraq war.

  2. I would like to hear more. I have met some MEK guys here in town and have some friends who vouch for them for a few reasons. But I would like to know more and am somewhat dubious as to the claim that these guys are ‘good’ mujaheddin.

  3. What we are facing is a choice between the bad guys and the worse guys, the MEK are the bad guys at the current time, if they manage to take power they will probably morph into a nasty variation of the current Iranian leadership.

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