Today’s college virtually useless?


If you are attending college to get teacher certification, you will probably be required to attend classes on “multicultural education.” This is supposed to bring diversity to the classroom and prepare teachers to teach pupils of various ethnic or national backgrounds.

The textbooks in these courses typically include “Teachers as Cultural Workers” by Paulo Freire, a Brazilian socialist who preached that society is divided into oppressors and oppressed. Other required readings teach that Americans are an institutionally racist society and are designed to train teachers to create political radicals to promote “progressive” social change.

The monthly journal Education Reporter published an informative exposé by a teacher who attended a conference on training teachers how to teach students what is called “social justice,” a code word for a specific type of teaching that is contrary to traditional American notions of justice based on individual rights. “Social justice” teaches children that America is an unjust and oppressive society that should be changed.

Social justice materials typically include far-left proposals such as acceptance of homosexuality, alternate lifestyles, radical feminism, abortion, illegal immigration, cultural relativism and the redistribution of wealth.

A college student explains the extent of the propaganda machine that is the U.S. university system in “Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth”

Social justice is often promoted through what is called “student-directed learning” because students are supposed to “construct” their own knowledge. These words put a new spin on what was previously called “unguided learning” or “minimal guidance learning.”

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2 Replies to “Today’s college virtually useless?”

  1. I would go further than just to speak of teaching certificates (and degrees) as worthless. Practically all degrees outside of practical matters such as health care and engineering are worthless.

    How many PhDs can dance at the side of a taxi stand? As many as gets them.

  2. Sounds familiar.
    I teach in the UK at a college part time, and was recently observed in my teaching. I was marked down for not using “correct teaching methods”, ie: classroom games that would shame the intellect of a 10 year old, and not including “diversity”. If I didn’t work at the college in another capacity, I’d have said, well I’m lecturing psychology, not neo Marxism, you want Social Studies for that.

    Pathetic, the nation we’ve become, pathetic, it can only end in tears.

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