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16 Replies to “This woman has exactly the right idea”

  1. Amazing, truly amazing. l am utterly sick of the elites selling our superior Western culture out to these (42% inbred) throwbacks from another time.
    This woman has the temerity to stand up for our culture, she is a modern day hero.

  2. As a rule, I’m against the burning of any book. But this gal has got the right idea…….READ it, then BURN it! You go, girl!

  3. Wow. She actually gives out her name and address? For real? That is very brave. Please inform us about repercussions, if and when they come.

  4. I comment those that speak the truth, stand and don’t surrender, she is not alone, we will fight this enemy with all we have, and we’re, she’s right, this is our war our battle. To close our eyes on the truth of this enemy is to deny ourselves the very survival of our culture, Europe and Canada has giving in, for political correctness. As European I’m disgusted, I will fight to the end, to assure that my grand kids don’t need to fight a totalitarian situation, that situation will be here if we don’t have the guts to do the right thing, if we back down on fear, if they have your heart with fear, they have your mind, she’s in control of her destiny, she choose to fight, I choose the same as well… we all have our own battles, but make yours on your own decision, not someone else. This gov. have put a tag in the USA, and it’s inviting our enemy’s to come in destroy us, the only way we can beat them all, is by uniting and understand the enemy we face… it’s going to be out to us to save this Nation or loose it… This very thing she’s talking about has me decide that I need someone as President who has the balls and the courage is this woman, Allen West, he knows the enemy and decide to fight back… do we going to support them and everyone who stand up or we will be like chickens hiding until all is over, even the possibilitys.of your own life and those you love? the call is yours!

    God bless the Republic of USA and Her true Patriot!!!

    Freedom is Not Free.

    If you don’t fight for FREEDOM, you don’t deserve to be free. Thomas Jefferson

  5. This is what is going to incite the enemies even more..and whether this had happened or not, its still only a matter of time. She’s a Crusader! And maybe a Martyr! She speaks the Truth! So, what now? Fear them or FIGHT Them. They aren’t going anywhere!

  6. What a courageous young woman! She has my full admiration. She puts Obama’s entire deluded and cringing travesty of a government to shame.

    The sooner we rid the West of self-annihilating postmodernist ideas and return to Enlightenment values, the sooner we shall rid it of the most evil menace it has ever faced: Islam.

    “Give me liberty, or give me death!”- Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

  7. Makes a guy think of moving to Colorado. Thank you young lady for saying what this old fart thinks but didn`t know how to say.

  8. I wish she was skilled in debating muslims and muslim – sympathizers. The knowledge required can be found NOT ONLY in the Koran, but all of the hadiths and Sira. A muslim can easily say ” wife beating is not found in the Koran”. Only a person forearmed can reply ” that is correct, but it can be found in Bukhari Hadith which carried the same weight as the Koran”.

    That is how you shut muslims up. All three Islamic texts should be “outed” , studied , then burned.

    The best way to determine if Islam is a religion of peace is to debate a muslim-American. At the opening of the debate, openly state ” today we are going to pretend you are a Jew, and I’m the muslim”. “Whatever the Islamic texts say to do to Jews will be done to you, right here, right now. How does that sound Mr. Muslim?”

    Just watch his face turn three sheets of white…..

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