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7 Replies to “Newsnight: Saudi Arabia, a giant prison for women.”

  1. The cognitive dissonance on left on this subject is astounding. They claim to support women’s rights, gay rights, what have you, yet at the same time see Islam as some rich culture which the west should embrace.

    How can a human brain accept these two concepts at the same time?

  2. Sean you hit it on the head when you said they claim to support, they claim a lot of things that aren’t true and their supposed support of women and gays is just two more examples of their saying one thing and doing another. Remember actions speak louder then words.

  3. Islam itself is a prison for women and those who do not want to believe any more.

    That death fatwa for apostates is certainly a deterrent for people who have common sense and want to leave the ancient death cult.

  4. OxAO I have read articles by some type of head shrinker that say that all liberals are clinically insane. I doubt that that will ever end up in a diagnoses but the articles were fun to read. And don’t ask for URLs or names it was some time last year and I don’t remember when.

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