Anti Libyan war protesters come out in spades

Please click over to Ringo’s pictures to see a ton of great photos and video of protests against Obama and the action against Libya. And Capitalism. And Israel. And White people.

I wonder what this would sound like in German?

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6 Replies to “Anti Libyan war protesters come out in spades”

  1. This is the first time since Nam that I can remember a war protest over the actions of a Liberal Democrat President.

  2. Stupid Socialists, what do they think will happen if NATO leaves? Gaddaffi is just going to shake hands with everyone and things will go back to normal…

    Oh wait I forgot, Gadaffi’s country has SOCIALIST in it’s name… These aren’t anti-war protests, these are Pro-Gadaffi protests.

  3. @Richard

    Kosovo the hard left didn’t agree with that war either.

    I feel really strange when I am on the hard lefts side.
    Obviously not for the same reasons though.

  4. Same old crowd. It was only a matter of time before they came out against the bad ol’ USA. Personally I am glad the US are helping to destroy the country of libya. One less evil little country to worry about. Remember Iraq; a shadow of their former evil little self. Let us hope the same happens to libya at a fraction of the cost. Confronting jihad is a horrible and messy business but there is no other way than to crush the main jihad states. One day of course the main one which is Saudi arabia will have to be crushed but let us hope the fast running out oil does it for us. Saudi is the second not the first biggest oil producer of the world. The palace building frenzy and the mosque building frenzy in the rest of the world and the bankrolling of jihad is mainly coming from the Saudis.

  5. ibyans have what to lose .All above mentioned is worth fighting for.
    1.GDP-$14192 P/P annually

    2.Government payback-$1000 P/P per family annually

    3.UB-$730 monthly

    4.Nurse wage-$1000 monthly

    5.$7000 bonus for each delivery

    6.$64000-Government assistance for new family homebuyers

    7.$20000 Grant for new business development

    8.Overrated taxes and interests restricted

    9.Free Education & Medicare

    10.Government grants for overseas education & probation

    11.Low cost stores for large families

    12.Expired goods sales invoke heavy fines & arrest by special police squad.

    13.50% of Pharmacies Dispense drugs for free

    14.Medicine forgery invokes Death penalty

    15.Free electricity supply for population & rent for free

    16. Alcohol sale and consumption prohibited.

    17.Interest free Home & Car Loans

    18.Real estate service prohibited

    19.50% subsidized Car price for population

    65%- subsidized Car price for militaries

    20.Petrol is cheaper than water! 1 liter price is $0,14.

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