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2 Replies to “Netenyahu exposes Palestinian Duplicity”

  1. I also blame foreign minister ehud barak, for saying that Israel is opressing a people, adding a lot of fuel to the muslims’ fire.

    Why is barak there? Bibi

    Why is barak still there? bibi

    Why has Israel responded so sluggishly like so many times before? bibi

    Who is great at giving speeches in a baritone voice? bibi

    I will admit that bibi is better than anything that labor or kadima have but only by a matter of degrees, so far.

    Hope his brother is watching and waiting… with a baseball bat in his hand.

  2. Bibi is great when he is making sad speeches in a baritone voice in front of CNN and BBC cameras. When it comes to the security of the Jewish people, Bibi is a mystery. I hope 2 things:

    1) I am wrong and that Bibi has a secret plan to respond to 50 rockets from hamas in the last week.

    2) If 1) is not correct, his brother is waiting for him with a baseball bat.

    The fact that Barak is still the minister of defense ( uggh!) proves that I am correct. But I hope not.

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