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6 Replies to “CAIR brings hate to Orange County”

  1. It’s the usual provocative Trash we have come to expect from Islamist Freaks.
    Not to worry, folks, the time is coming when the West will wake up, and remove all the Moslem Garbage from this world. They are cowardly subhumans…easily taken care of !

  2. Thanks for posting this. I was one of the speakers in Yorba Linda on February 13. CAIR has produced a spliced video to make it appear that the organizers and speakers at our protest were egging the crowd on to harrass and heckle the Muslim dinner attendees, and that everybody participated . That is not true. A few dozen people showed up and broke away from our event to shout and chant at the dinner attendees as they arrived. That was inappropriate, especially in the presence of children, but it does not represent the vast majority of the protest participants. The true message of our event was the radical nature of the two ICNA speakers as well as radical Islam and shariah law.

    Gary Fouse

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