Threatening tweets at McGill…

The film being screened at this ‘secret zionist meeting’ was Indoctrinate You. The irony is of course, that the reaction by this student proves the films point far better than the producer could have dared hope or perhaps even more than the producer would have ever wished was the case. If you have not seen Indoctrinate You, please take the opportunity to see it ASAP.

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Pulled from Fred’s gayandright blog:

Sent by a real twit…

A McGill University student is under investigation by police after he allegedly made death threats using his Twitter account.

The student, Haaris Khan, was watching a documentary screened by the Conservative Party’s campus arm, Conservative McGill, when he appeared to become increasingly agitated and expressed himself on Twitter using his BlackBerry.

“I’ve infiltrated a Zionist meeting. I feel like I’m at a Satanist ritual,” he allegedly wrote at the March 8th screening.

“I want to shoot everyone in this room,” another tweet said. “Never been this angry.”

The tweets call the documentary a “Zionist/Conservative propaganda film” and the gathering, which attracted about 20 students, “a secret Zionist convention.”

Then: “I should have brought an M16.”

A spokesperson for the Montreal Police Service said the force is still investigating. It’s not clear what charges could be laid, if any. “We take the case very seriously,” the spokesperson said. “We don’t go with half-measures on this.”

Montreal has had several school-related shootings, most recently in 2006 at Dawson College.

McGill University refers all matters involving alarming behaviour to a threat assessment team and a disciplinary officer, said Morton Mendelson, deputy provost of student life and learning.

“We have come to the conclusion that the messages don’t constitute a threat to the community,” Mendelson said.

The university will release a public response to the incident Thursday. In it, Mendelson will talk about the use of social media like Twitter.

“It highlights the downside of social media,” he said, and “the ability of a single person who happens to be in a room somewhere to disseminate inappropriate, threatening messages to the world at large, and there are consequences to that.”

He continued: “We really have to be responsible in how we’re using the Internet and social media.”

The film, Indoctrinate U, explores liberal bias and political correctness on American campuses. It has been acclaimed by such conservative commentators as Lou Dobbs.

By the way, Indoctrinate-U is a terrific film!

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3 Replies to “Threatening tweets at McGill…”

  1. We have come to the conclusion that the messages don’t constitute a threat to the community,” Mendelson said. I do not know who this idiot is but I feel threatened. And this is exactly how muslims feel.

    A good muslim is a dead muslim. These things are too toxic to be alive and to contaminate the world. If cannot de-tox, then must kill and bury deep in the ground.

  2. Here is a copy of the email sent to his office. The email is

    According to his bio, he is a bearded pencil neck academic weasel who will be the first to hide under desk when the arab muslims begin to break windows if Pm Netanyahu comes to McGill to explain why he turned Gaza into a parking lot ( I wish)

    Dr Mendelson –

    Even though you are a Harvard graduate, you are very wrong when you say that Haaris Khan is not a threat to society. He is a threat because he has obviously been intoxicated with a passionate hatred for Jews and anyone who supports Israel and can be easily intoxicated to hate Christians and Hindus. His desire to kill every Jew he sees has been clearly expressed by him yet you state that he is no threat.

    Concordia U. has already been the site of violent protests by arab muslims when PM Netanyahu came.

    I would love that he come to McGill. I will enjoy watching these arab muslims break glass on McGill campus.

    I believe that your mindset is a threat to our community.

    I believe that all muslims should be expelled from the West. Their presence will only lead to evil and violence to anyone who does not agree with them and their presence intimidates the media and the govt on what they say.

    Summary: your liberal mindset and the presence of many arab muslims is a danger to our society. Canada has arrested or seeks many person of muslim descent who planned to poison the House of Communs and decapitate PM Harper.

    You can make all the excuses you want to ( i.e., kids that cant control their passions, etc ) on why you believe what you do but you are biased and are not being objective. As a prof, you should be objective on arriving at a prognosis.

    But all those foreign students pay a lot to go to McGill, to live on Milton, and spend a lot, good for the economy but something is going to happen one day. One of these young men whom you want to believe is not a threat, will explode. If that happens, you will be partially responsible.

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