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2 Replies to “More on Manitobas most wanted”

  1. Had these “men” (for I don’t really consider terrorists men in the really human sense of the word)been Nazi or Communist, you can bet your life (literally) that the media would have put that on the front of the report.

    But because the world fears Muslim backlash, lawfare, terrorism and other acts of hatred from Islam, they keep it quiet.

    The report claims that the “men” were/are citizens of Canada. This is patently false. All Muslims are first and foremost, members of the ummah, the world body of Islam. Next in line for most are their family, tribal and linguistic ties. Nationality comes a very distant fifth, if it comes at all.

    Muslims never think of themselves as being part of the dar-al-habr, they are always members of the dar-al-islam.

    I wish that the west and the free world would try to see their world through Muslim eyes for once. Then they might “get it” and do something really constructive about the mass Muslim immigration to the west, like ban it and reverse it.

    Islam is a “replacement ideology” and its members seek to change the dar-al-habr into the dar-al-islam by any means necessary. They have demonstrated this commitment time and time again and should be stopped, also by any means necessary. Otherwise we will not survive to see the next decade intact.

  2. You must educate and understand the “why” that they’ve worded it this way. Of course not to offend those powerful men who control resources which this society is dependent on. The other is to increase control over the rest of the society. The label of terrorism can be used to include anyone who may give the ruling authorities the prospect of any dissent. It can then be used against political enemies by the state controlled and run media. So that while ultimately western countries are funding the jihad against the western cultures these same ruling elitests benefit from the Hegelian Dialectic, which Engels adopted, of creating a crises in order to bring about synthesis, a.k.a. change, or what they themselves refer to as their New World Order.

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