Call For a Total Jihad

Story from Gates of Vienna:

Doku Umarov is the Chechen Islamic leader who was responsible for both the Domodedovo airport bombing and last year’s terrorist attacks on the Moscow metro. He has just released a video calling for all mujahideen to join him in a total war against the Russian state.

Here’s the news story from Breitbart:

Islamist Rebel Urges ‘Total War’ With Russia

The Chechen Islamist rebel leader who is Russia’s most wanted man has issued an appeal for recruits for a “total war” against the Russian state, in a new video message posted on Thursday. “A total war is in progress, fight the enemy where ever you can,” Doku Umarov said standing alongside two other militants in a snow-covered forest in a video posted on militant website

As well as repeating calls for women to join the rebellion, Umarov called on Russian Muslims from outside the Caucasus like the Volga regions of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan to join the insurgency.

Umarov, whose Caucasus Emirate group aims to impose Islamic rule throughout the Northern Caucasus, has claimed responsibility for the Moscow airport attack in January that killed 37 and the 2010 metro attacks that killed 40.

Below the jump is a subtitled version of the video described in the article above, plus some additional material about the Chechen terrorists who launched these jihad attacks.

Many thanks to Danish Great Dane for the translation

Additional notes from the translator:
0:40, the written text states:
*Appeal of the Emire of Caucasian Emirate – Dokku Abu Usman, toward the muslims in Caucasus and Russia:
“It’s comming total war. Fight with the enemies everywhere, where your hands can reach!”
Rabi al-Aval 1432 year (for them, we live in 1432)
(february 2011 year)

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7 Replies to “Call For a Total Jihad”

  1. Recently russian TV told us, that counter-jihadis set up a militia -=to serve and protect=- (maybe members of russian police in disguise), especially targeting the terrorist’s loved ones, paying them back in their own coin. Pretty ugly, worst case is of course a civil war in northern causasus. The number of attacks has risen to an estimated fivefold of last year’s incidents, the gunned-down ski tourists as a prominent example. With tourism coming to a stop, they head straight into poverty. People don’t always call the russian police, because the cops are already busy enough protecting themselves. Doesn’t that sound like good breeding-grounds for fanatical “forest brothers” like Umarov?

  2. What a sad, sad bunch of losers!

    Killing and being killed for what?


    Fighting to keep slavery legal. The “right” to treat women and infidels like animals. Being able to have sex with minors. Having multiple wives. The promise of sex and alcohol in paradise.

    This is the degredation of anything noble and good.

  3. And putin and medvedev want to send arms to syria and iran? Are they crazy? Hope that they are used against the ruskies because they will be.

    And this will be fitting for all of the terrorism they hoped to ferment in the 1960s.

  4. Islam really brings out the worst in people.

    Its the nature of the death cult to encourage hatred, deceit, violence, intolerance, pedophilia, desecration of other religious sites and buildings, murder for their leaders and all sorts of other things which are considered crimes so long as its done to non-Muslims.

    I wish that the MSM and westerners as a whole would just say “enough is enough” and ship all Muslims back to those sharia loving countries they admire so much. Then we can put a huge fence around the entire Muslim world and let them kill each other off. That is, after we rescue people of other religions from these areas first.

    If they were to call themselves Nazis or Communists rather than Muslims, you can bet that the response from the west and the free world would be entirely different than it is now. It would be total war, just as the Muslims want.

    Let’s just gather up the forces of Russia, Europe, free Asia and Africa and eliminate Islam once and for all. I’ve had enough.

    Hasn’t everybody?

  5. A few years ago there were articles about the Russians arming Cassocks and turning them lose on some Moslem regions, the militia may be part of that.

  6. Russians are an interesting bunch. They try to play it both ways. With all that oil they can play it anyway they want and yet they choose to play it both ways. Appeasing the muslims with one hand and with the other hand atttacking them. Russians you are free of oil dependence. You are free of political correctness so come on show some sanity. We are no living in post super power rivilary world. It seems the Russians still want to live in that world where they counted more than they do today. The World has changed. The Russians are the Worlds number one oil and gas producers. They are an energy super power. The oriental coutries like Japan, South Korea and China combined have the same economic mass as that of the EU or the US and it keeps growing. The Desert Brown man has launched the Jihad and the much loved Saudis are no longer the world’s number one oil producers. The world has indeed changed. The power balance has shifted not to the desert brown of Allah but to the Far East and yet the Russians are still stuck in a world of Super Power rivilary with the US. Now is the time to reasses and strike the Desert Brown Man of Allah. With his povery increasing daily he is lot weaker than he was back in the Seventies of the last century. With oil decreasing and his population increasing with no fertile land to feed the new muslims of Allah. he is weakling full of bluster and boasting about the imagined glories of the past. He is so weak and in this brave new world the Kuffar has emerged stronger economically than ever before. We need to realise that fact and act boldy. Take an example the Chinese economy is now about twelve times the size of the Iranian economy. Hell the Italian economy with way fewer people than Iran beats them by about a trillion dollars. These people,the desert brown are poverty striken nobodies who talk big. Lets talk and act big because we can. Notice the Iranian vessel coming into the suez and then leaving. Talking big doing nothing. It is bluster folks. We need to realise the reality of who the big boys are and it us the Noble Kuffar. We are now stronger than ever economically and the desert brown man keeps slipping into poverty. It is not just Iraq and Iran who have quietly slipped into the third world from a first world level of economy but the Saudis are also on the downward path. We will see how things work out with the last hope of the desert brownman as it too slips away into poverty. Even now the slums in Riyadha are increasing. Give it time and we will have the bluster with now power even with the fat cats of Allah.

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