Breaking: Egyptian Muslims are attacking another Coptic Church

I received the following email just now from Assad Elepty, an expat Egyptian Coptic Christian

I am working on translating and subtitling the three links here but I will post the links in case any of you speak Arabic

Islamists in the town of Al Ayat (about 50km south of Cairo) are attacking another Coptic Church.

The parish priest Father Hosea was trapped inside with three deacons.
They have managed to escape with the help of Noble Copts and armed muslims keeping the mob at bay.

The Islamist Mob have entered the church and commenced destroying it.
Sacred Icons and relics have been thrown on the streets, trampled and destroyed.
The church has been set on fire.

The neighbouring Copts are under siege and locked up in their homes.
There is no Police or security.

The Army said it will deploy personnel. Six tanks have rolled up but unable to stop the mob,
they cant not fire upon the mob with 76mm projectiles.
The ARMY did NOT send SOLDIERS to regain control.

ICU (International Christian Union) have been made aware and they are attempting to attain further details via diplomatic channels.

Please Pray for the safety of the Copts and our Holy Churches..
Egypt is degenerating into Anarchy.

In a separate Incident a bigoted Islamist Governor ordered the demolition of a 5 storey Coptic building that has full approval and was inaugurated by him during the opening a number of years ago.
Full story here

Assad Elepty

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5 Replies to “Breaking: Egyptian Muslims are attacking another Coptic Church”

  1. Richard
    Let them. Its the best thing for them, as well as the best thing for us. Once the ME is sharia dominated, it convinces our society that Muslims can do nothing but to install sharia when they are dominant. This will then start the push back of Islam.

  2. Muslim males and their fans are scum. When the demons of brotherly love attempt to overcome me, such as the muslim guest on the michael harris show yesterday, I go to vladtepes to arm myself against those demons.

    Muslim males and their fans, the white male and female leftists, who are either too stupid or full of hate for their own society, are really scum.

    Count on my donation this month but I wish their was something I could do.

    Q: Are you able to visualize 3,000,000 Canadians ocupying the outside of Parliament in Ottawa and insisting that they arestaying there until the Bloq quebecois, the Libs and the NDP resign?

    It is so fitting that Jack Layton of the commie NDP go to Mt Sinai Hospital for his hip surgery. The NDP has always been against Israel and blames Israel for their situation. In respect of the fact that MtSinai was probably first founded and financed by Jews, I hopethat the doctor tears open his skin with more than the usual gusto.

  3. DP111 it will turn out good in the long run, but I hate to see the large number of dead people that is going to be one of the results, I know this won’t change anything but I hate to see it.

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