Kenya prepares to fight back against Somali Muslim terrorists, Al Shabab

Kenya: Troops Prepare To Assault Al Shabaab – Source STRATFOR SITREP

February 28, 2011
Kenyan and Ethiopian forces could launch a major offensive against al Shabaab in Somalia following the militant group’s threat to attack Kenya, a Kenyan military officer on the border with Somalia said Feb. 28, Reuters reported. The offensive is expected at any moment, the officer said, adding that confronting al Shabaab is Kenya’s only option. A convoy of Kenyan-trained Somali troops, supported by Kenyan forces, arrived at the border the night of Feb. 27 and is camping there, security sources said. The Kenyan government’s spokesman denied that an assault was imminent, saying police and security forces were present to prevent fighting from spilling over the border. The government is seeking parliamentary approval for additional spending on security along the border, a Kenyan Treasury official said.

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